Administrator Account

Main Administrator Settings

To edit the main administrator settings, and to create new administrators, select the Edit Admins

button. The following screen will appear:

From this screen, you can select the Administrator for whom you would like to edit details for, or the Create New Administrator button to create a new administrator.

Editing Administrator Settings

To edit the settings for an administrator, select that administrator from the list. The following screen will appear.

From this list, you can edit the following settings:

Administrator Name: This is the name, and login name of this administrator.

New Administrator Password: Use this field to enter the administrator password. If left blank, and you submit this form, the administrator password will not be changed.

Administrator Email: The main administrator password.

Backup Report Email: If you specify an email address here, then each time a lesson is run, a report on that lesson will be emailed to you, in addition to saving to the database. This assumes that email is set up correctly on your server. Please see the white paper on Backup Reports white paper for more details here.

Real Name: The real name of the administrator.

Live Chat ID: If you have a Live Chat ID (as issued by Kookaburra Studios) you can enter this Chat ID here. Your users can then contact via live chat from within KPLME.

Allow Users to Contact me via Live Chat: Users will only be able to contact you via live chat assuming you have both a Live Chat ID, and this option is selected. Each administrator can set this option as they wish � so a single user may be able to contact a number of administrators at their choice.

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