8 Portable Apps Every Windows Users Should Keep In Their USB

When you are using somebody else’s computer, you often miss your favorite applications. On somebody else’s computer you do not have administrative privileges to install new applications thus you have no solution to solve the problem of missing your favorite apps. This is why it is best to use portable applications wherever possible. These apps run without any installation and only require you to carry their setup folders around. You can carry portable apps within a flash drive and insert that drive into any computer to run your portable apps.

Today we shall cover 8 essential portable applications for Windows 7 users. Check them out below.

1. Skype Portable


I am guessing all my readers are aware of Skype and how popular it is when it comes to holding voice and video calls. If you want to carry Skype around, simply go for the app’s portable version for Windows 7. The setup file size you download is nearly 18 MB large and you can get it from here.

2. Google Chrome Portable

Google Chrome Portable

People who have experimented with a couple of different web browsers will appreciate the superior responsiveness offered by Google Chrome. Now this web browser also comes in a portable package sized at a 24 MB download. You can get Chrome portable from here.

3. Foxit Reader Portable

Have you ever downloaded a PDF document on somebody else’s computer only to find that they do not have a PDF reading application installed? I find that to be frustrating especially when I cannot install a PDF reading software after the fact. But here to solve that problem is Foxit Reader Portable – an app you can carry in your flash drive to read PDF files on any computer. You get the app’s 11 MB setup file from here.

4. GIMP Portable


GIMP is a highly popular image editing application which many of this post’s readers might have used. Now the app comes in a portable package sized at 50 MB that can be gotten from here.

5. 7zip

7zip on Windows 8

7zip – all in one utility for all your file compression needs. 7zip is power open source utility available for all major operating system in both installer as well as portable form. 7zip archiver supports 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR. Download 7zip Archiver from here.

6. Recuva Portable


If you are working on somebody else’s computer and you accidentally delete a file, then you need a file recovery program at that very instant. But if there is no recovery program installed and you do not have the privileges to install, you can be in deep trouble. This is why it is wise to carry Recuva’s portable version in your flash drive wherever you go. You can get the portable version of the app that is sized at nearly 2 MB from here.

7. Notepad++ Portable


Programmers and people who work with computer code must have tried out Notepad++ and found it to be immensely useful for its wide array of impressive features. Now you can carry the app in your flash drive, thanks to its portable version. Download the ZIP or 7z package of the application from here. Then simply extract the archive and run the EXE file.

8. Thunderbird Portable


Thunderbird users will definitely miss not having it on a computer they are new to. This is why they will find the Thunderbird portable app to be extremely useful. You can get the portable Thunderbird from here.

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