7 Great Things about Learning Spoken English on Skype

Learning Spoken English Learning Spoken English on Skype

Learning Spoken English Online Spoken English Skype

With the use of technology, students can learn to speak English with an English-speaking tutor wherever the student and tutor both live.  Learning spoken English on Skype in this way is a fantastic way to improve one’s fluency accent.  All the tutor and student need is internet connection, a computer (or tablet/smartphone) and a headset.

Learn a language wherever you live in the world

One of the great advantages of Skype is that the students can practice English with a English tutor no matter where either the student or the tutor live. This means that no matter what the time difference is between student and tutor, they can arrange times of lessons that suit both of them.  Both the student and tutor need a laptop and a good wi-fi connection.  This means that a person living anywhere in the world can participate in learning spoken English on Skype.

Messaging via the chat box

Either the student or the tutor can type messages to the other via the chat box.  These messages can cover many topics from suggested books to read, films to watch and newspaper articles to read on line together with correct English grammar including tenses, sentence structure and spellings.  This messaging system is instantaneous between tutor and student.

No travel costs

Neither the student nor the tutor have travel costs so this saves money and is another advantage to factor into to one’s busy day.  This makes learning spoken English on Skype very time efficient.

Student motivation

As Skype using a microphone and a camera, the student can see the tutor and vice-versa so this means that it is like being in a ‘real’ classroom when the tutor can see the student and ensure that the student truly understands the question or topic and then the tutor can motivate the student by encouraging him or her. Most of our students feel that learning spoken English on Skype is by far the most fun way to improve English communication skills.

Spoken English Trial Lesson

Flexible timetable

The student can book a group of lessons on certain days at certain times and then perhaps finds that he or she needs to re-arrange certain lessons due to other commitments then it is very easy to do so at mutually convenient times to suit both student and teacher.

Lessons for adults and children

Skype lessons for learning English can be beneficial for both adults and children alike.  The lessons obviously are different for adults than for children but in both cases they all have to enjoy the sessions, be interested in what they are learning and be stimulated.  All ages benefit from face to face tuition particularly on a one to one basis.  Parents can sit in with their child/children during the lessons.

Adapting the lessons

The tutor will come to a Skype lesson with a lesson plan but often needs to adapt the lesson plans for a range of reasons, which may even include the need to explain or discuss a topic in more detail.  Sometimes this change of direction in the lesson can take the rest of the session.  On some occasions the tutor will need some extras questions to discuss with the student just in case the lesson plan has not taken as long as the tutor thought.  The tutor will be able to see by the student’s face just how much they understand of the topic(s) being discussed.  The tutor will always come to these Skype lessons well prepared.

Skype is widely used and is very easy to download and install.  We can all have a Skype account and most people use the free version.  Lessons can be tailored made to the student just as easily using Skype as in a classroom. Learning spoken English on Skype is very convenient and helps to build confidence and fluency in students.  Skype lessons are adapted to the standard of the student whether the student is a beginner, intermediate or advanced so is a great way to learn English.

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