5 Best Skype Alternatives for Free Video Calling

Fed up of using Skype? Relax, and read the article we have a solution for you. Check out our Best Skype Alternatives for Video Calling.

The way of communication is vital for all business and other personal purposes but over days the way of communication has taken a huge revolution from conversing on phones to video and online chatting calls. Though there are many apps developed these days that help you to see your family members or close ones while talking on digital devices but Skype is the name that you might have heard the most. Though I am gonna focus here about 5 Best Skype Alternatives, but before that lets have a look on Skype changed our lifestyle. Users who have a conference meet or do other kind of video chatting use Skype on daily basis. But now it seems that using Skype has become an arduous task even though it is the first app that comes in our mind while doing VoIP calls. However things have changed a little with updating of technology very while.

Now, concerning about the privacy issues and handling of notifications and other security purposes Skype has been greatly criticized. Now people as result of its security weakness have started looking for other alternatives to video calling. But the problem comes which app to be chosen if not Skype but not to worry we are here with some recommendations for you in which we have selected five best Skype alternatives to help you out with video calls.

5 Best Skype Alternatives for Video Calling

With over 500 million users, Skype is one of the most popular Instant Messaging video calling app available for Windows and Mac Computers. People always are looking for something new like Skype alternatives for Windows PC. There are many alternatives to Skype for business video calling apps are available in the market, but there is no one like Skype alternative client. Here in this article, we will list down best Skype alternatives.

Skype alternatives 2017

With the help of Skype, it is very easy to manage all the business related tasks. However, other Skype alternatives for PC, cannot do such tasks which are important to still maintain all crucial business processes. Not for just office, people are looking for Skype alternatives for gaming. Skype allow users to add gameplay in the chatroom. If you are using Skype on Android phone, then there are many Skype alternatives android available like IMO, Hangouts and more. Skype alternatives for PC is the best solution for instant voice and video calling for small business owners and their employees for free. Skype is the most used free online service for speech and video calling app. If you are a Linux user and looking for skype alternatives Linux solution then check this article we give you an answer for Skype alternatives running on Linux.

Skype Audio and Video call Application is a popular and widely used tool that most people use in their personal lives and business purpose. Skype is one of the popular video calling service available for Android, iOS and Windows devices. The calling features are basic and users are limited to making Skype video conferencing calls but because of some limitations, people may want to use other Apps like Skype.

1: Google Hangouts – Free Skype Alternative for Video Calling

Got a Google account? If yes, then why not using Google Hangouts because with hangout you can enjoy some very fascinating features while making a video call. You can chat with others with text, video or even VoIP calls. Now surely group chatting is the preferred way of video calling so go on for even using group video chat option connecting with our friends, family or other colleagues that too up to 10 members. Like Skype, this too is free but what makes it better than Skype then?

Skype Alternatives for Video Calling

Now if you are using Google Hangout, then you can go on for broadcasting the live hangout that too all for free with Option of Hangouts on air. Also unlike Skype, you need not install any third party app like it does not require signing in with a different account as you can just use it with one Google account and it’s in your hand to use. You can its best part you can call anyone anywhere in the world even if those people are not in your circles. When you are on an ongoing call, you can still upload any document or share it. Also, it gives you the option to increase the participants beyond 9, but you need to pay extra for that. Probably this one could be called as one of the best alternatives to Skype. Google Hangout is also considered as one of Best Skype Alternatives for PC.

Skype Alternatives for Video Calling

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2 : Viber – Skype Alternative for Android Video Call

Definitely, the name is not new to us when we think of doing con call. Still not famous than Google hangout or Skype but can be called as a comprehensive alternative to Skype.  Though it started as a mobile app initially but now is available at all platforms and all devices. It is actually a VoIP service but let’s you make free video calling as well as voice calling all across the world but you need to make sure that Viber is installed over both devices as its one of the Best Skype Alternatives. And if you are using it then you are lucky as Viber is ads free.  Like Skype it too has great features like GIF, Emojis and other attraction and can be claimed as one of the best video calling service.  You can directly go on website to get the app viber.com

Best Skype Alternatives 2 viber

Apart from this, you are free to use Viber on any operating devices be it android, Microsoft, Blackberry or Mac. It allows you to make audio calls and has IM capabilities that makes it stand out. But since each app has it cons and the biggest con of Viber that makes it little frustrating is that when you want to receive a call you need to open up app each time and drop a message to a respective person that now you are available to receive a call. But never mind, it’s this weakness has not taken away its fans or users who use it.

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3 : Voxox – Alternatives for Skype Windows, Android, Mac

Best Skype Alternatives 3

Now imagine you open your desktop screen or device and you have pop up or heads during a video call but if you are using Voxox the app shows its generosity as you can join the ongoing call. It is for free and the app can be installed on any OS like Windows, iOS and Android, iPhone, iPad or Mac. The language is no barrier when you are using this app as Voxox supports 37 languages and you can even share photos and other documents while on chat or video calling. With this app you can even make an international call not only to mobile phones but also on landline at cheaper price. You can make the app completely yours by uploading your image, putting status, sharing Emojis and other fascinating features.

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Now, the app is not limited to personal use but it has access to business purpose as well by using its features like cloud phone, Sip trunks, hosted PBX and other carrier services.  Like Skype it also allows you to add people on group chat or call that too unlimited in number unlike in Google where limitation was 10.  You can even store the videos shared while using the app to make the experience of using it better. You will not be disappointed using the app as it offers you high quality video and audio calling to be enjoyed.

Get the app now to have its maximum use : Get Voxox

4 : Jitsi – Open Source skype alternatives for gaming 

Best Skype Alternatives 4

Jitsi is another great app to satisfy your calls or chats if you are bored using Skype or hangouts. It basically is an open source platform that offers you free service for chatting and video conferencing with your near and dear ones. Its unique features that attract its users include instant messaging, group calling, file and documents sharing and transferring. Also the app like all other apps of video call supports any user friendly platform like Windows like windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, windows vista, windows XP, MAC, OS X and Linux.  Like Voxox this app too is available in 30 different languages so that one can converse in any part across overseas.

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We saw that the most used app Skype did not offered us the security that is needed while working online but Jitsi is the one that use can use in place of Skype as it works in a more secure way taking account into the privacy that is needed by the users. If you want to try click on the below link- Get Jitsi

Now let’s see some highlighting features Jitsi has to offer its users-

  • Firstly, it is open software
  • It has an option of auto answer and auto forward
  • You can record calls instead of just answering and even use Desktop Streaming
  • No account or other formalities are required
  • It is an encrypted app by default
  • And has many advanced options to make it more accessible and easy to use

5 : Oovoo – Skype Alternatives for iPhone & Quality Video Calls

Strange name no! Anyways unlike its name it is not a complicated app to be used. Yeah, it is last in the list but not the least app while suggesting an alternative for Skype.

Best Skype Alternatives 5

Oovoo is another app which is quite best in its use and features when we think of video calling. It main potential lies in the fact that it allows you to make high quality video and audio calls without any interference and this feature attracts users to try out Oovoo. You can use its instant messaging feature with anyone in the world. It too like all other apps is an open source app available on all platforms of Windows, Android, and Mac etc. Along with video calling you can create your own groups and go on for adding more and more people to connect with you easily. It can be downloaded completely for free and even allows you to drop a message to someone while you are still busy on a call with someone else.

Like all other apps this too app allows you to use the basic feature that is sharing of photos, documents anything across other devices. This tool lets you to record video or your call or even you can go on for uploading your created video using this app to YouTube. It is again ad free and has storage space up to 1000 minutes. One like in Viber it too has this option of calling people on landline instead of just making calls on mobiles.

But don’t forget to notice it’s all new feature that is if you are an Oovoo user and you want to do video calling be relaxed even if person on other side does no has this app to attend your call as they can answer it from anywhere like from Facebook or other.

Want to try ? Get it downloaded from the link below – Download Oovoo

Yeah, we did our bit to make you aware about security concerns while using Skype and also suggested you with some great apps that let you do the same kind of function that Skype used to do for you. But along with just the options to do video calling that Skype used to do for you the above video calling apps are such that let you do more than just communicating by seeing each other. Rather if you once try the above-mentioned Skype alternatives 2017 apps you will definitely enjoy your video and other audio calls.

No doubt, they are the five apps for best skype alternatives out of all many other apps but to choose one in them too is the great task. But no worries, you can give a try using these apps as they are worthy to be used making your experience better.

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