3 Ways To Use Skype Without Installing It

Many people don’t like installing resource intensive applications like Skype on their computer or mobile device. Many users also complaint that Skype is buggy and messes up their computer. In such a case one might prefer using Skype without installing it. There are three very easy methods that you can use to chat on Skype without installing it on your device.

Skype online is a web app which can be used by logging in with a Skype account. With the web version of Skype you can chat, make Skype calls, have video chats and even share files.

Skype Online
Install Skype plugin for Chrome

Step 1: If you are an avid Skype user who wants their Skype loathing friend to use Skype without installing it. They can either login to the web version or you can simply invite them via chat link. To do the latter, open Skype on your Windows or Mac computer and hit CTRL+N for Windows or CMD+N for Mac to start a new conversation.

Step 2: Now, copy the chat URL and send it to your friend. You can use any method to send this link, be it an SMS, email, social media account like a Tweet or Facebook message.

Step 3: Your friend can use the web version of Skype by pasting the link in the browser.

2. Use Skype from OneDrive or Outlook.com (Hotmail)

Use Skype via Outlook.com

While there are workarounds for you to make a potable version of Skype yourself, we will give you something even better than having to copy around files from your computer. Portable Apps is a website which provides portable editions of famous apps and they have one for Skype too.

Install Skype to thumb drive
Install Skype to thumb drive
Run Skype portable

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