Skype Web SDK Code Samples

Learn Skype Web SDK with working code

This landing page lists all the Skype Web SDK code samples released as part of the Learn Skype Web SDK series. The Learn Skype Web SDK series is a collection of blog posts published on the blog, focused on learning this new SDK.

On this page are links to the working code samples: one for each blog post. To see the actual lesson blog posts, see the dedicated landing page at

Sample Prerequisites / How to use Series Homepage


Day 1 : Logging In

Day 2 : Logging Out, and Conditional Login States


Day 3 : Getting Your Own Presence

Day 5 : Subscribing to Changes In Your Own Presence / Information

Day 6 : Getting & Subscribing to Other People’s Presence

Day 7 : Setting Your Own Presence

Day 8 : Setting Your Own Information

Day 9 : Getting & Displaying Contact Photos


Day 10 : Get the Contact List

Day 11 : Searching for Users & Groups

Day 12 : Getting Users in Groups


Day 13 : Starting a New Conversation

Day 14 : Sending Instant Messages

Day 15 : Receiving Instant Messages

Day 16 : Doing More with History Service

Day 17 : Sending & Receiving “Is Typing” Notifications

Day 18 : Terminating a Conversation

Day 19 : Receiving a New Conversation


Day 20 : Starting a New Audio Conversation

Day 21 : Up-scaling to an Audio Call

Day 23 : Mute, Hold and DTMF Tones

Day 24 : Starting a New Video Conversation

Day 25 : Listing & Changing Devices


Day 26 : Creating a Conference

Day 27 : Joining a Conference via URI

Day 28 : Listing Participants in a Conference

Day 29 : Joining a Conference Anonymously

Day 30 : Putting it all together

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