2 Ways to Fix Skype Cannot Connect on Android

Fix Skype Cannot Connect on Android

Android Reborn – Social media helps people to connect to each other easily. With the internet connection, people can communicate with everyone in the world easily, quickly and practically. They also can get the newest information as soon as possible. So, social media takes important role in modern people’s life. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more are the popular social media as popular as Skype. Skype is a social media that lets you talk via video call. Unfortunately, Skype can have some connection trouble. Here are some tips on how to fix Skype can not connect on Android.

How to Fix Cannot Connect to Skype on Your Android Phone

Some of the problems while you trying to use this app on your Android phone is “please check your network settings” or unable to connect to skype like this “you cannot be signed in at this time”. So here are to fix this issues.

1. Update Your Skype Version

People often get troubled when their Skype cannot connect. Be calm and take several steps to fix skype connection problem. First of all, you should check the Skype version. Make sure that your device has the most recent version of Skype. When your Skype has not been updated, just update by downloading the newest version. Otherwise, you can reload your Skype’s latest version. Some people do this tip on How to Fix Skype Can’t Connect on Android and their Skype works finely as it was.

2. Clear Skype Data App

The other tip on how to Fix Skype Can’t Connect on Android that you can consider is about your Skype data app. If your Skype cannot connect, you can also clear your app data from your Skype. The connection trouble may be caused by the huge amount of data app. Clear it and try to login once more. People who try this solution for skype connection problem on android find it works. They can use their Skype again. You should also ensure that your Android device is supportive for Skype. Some Android may not be supportive that causes connection problem

Finally, this is an article about how to fix skype can’t connect on android. There are some things to consider when you have connection problem on your Skype. Make sure that you have updated Skype to its latest version. Clear the data app that may cause this connection problem. Then, reload it and try to login. Make sure that your Android device is supportive for Skype.

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