15 Best Google Voice Alternatives and Google voice like android apps 2017

Are you looking for some paid or free apps like Google voice? Then jump on this article, as here we are discussing best google voice alternative android apps for you to try.

Things have changed and are not same as it used to be a few years back. Now that you can have face to face calling or video calling apart from the old voice calling. Things have changed drastically and with this change, people have been benefited a lot. Google has taken over the technological market from since many years and the Android Operating system is under Google.

Best Google Voice Alternative Android Apps

Apart from Google Voice, there are other Google voice alternatives and similar apps found on the Google play store. Let us look at them

Price: Free

Everyone who is fond of technology knows what Skype is. For those who have a little information on what Skype is, it is actually a service which is quite similar to Google voice service but you can say by the time Google voice was in level 1, Skype was in level 9. So basically Skype is the godfather of popular voice services and best google voice alternative that exists all over the world. Let us look at some of the features of this app like google voice.

  • This is available for other operating systems as well, apart from Android.
  • With Skype mobile app you can send voice messages, videos, images and doc files apart from texting.
  • You can call from your Skype to another Skype account for free of cost.
  • The add-ins feature is great as you can send text messages without switching apps.
  • The highlight feature helps you to share stories which stay active till 7 days.
  • The latest version of the android app is and was updated on May 23rd 2017 in Playstore.


2) Line2

   Download Line2



3) Twillio

   Check Twilio



4) Mightycall

   Check MightCall


ring central

5) Ring central

   Download Ring Central


hushed app

6) Hushed app

   Download Hushed app



7) Phone booth app

   Download PhoneBooth App



8) Talkray

   Download Talkray



9) Telzio

   Download Telzio




10) CallR

   Check Callr


video meeting

11) Video meeting

   Download Video Meeting app 



12) Ring 4

   Download Ring4



13) Zaplee

   Check Zaplee

  • Zaplee works irrespective of the phone company you are using.
  • Local and toll free numbers are available over 40 countries.
  • You can customise a greeting for your voicemail or general call.
  • The other features include call routing, call forwarding, multi call capability, call recording, customisable hold music and many more.

Price: Paid

This is a paid PBX system and a good alternative for Google voice. Generally, Grasshopper provides you with a PBX system that has simplicity and basic functionality of a business grade app. You can use their services on your smartphone or landlines. Although you need to signup for their services and subscribe to a plan of your choice to continue enjoying benefits from their services. Their services include all the basic functionalities that a PBX system generally has, let us take a look at other features

  • The best way to access their services is by the help of Android app.
  • You can choose the number that fits best for your business.
  • You can customise the greeting message and can also set a different customisable greeting for your voicemail too.
  • You can add employees and other sections to ease up your working process.
  • You can access your voicemail and other messages from anywhere.

Price: Free

Freedom pop is one more alternative to Google voice with some great features. Freedom pop is totally free of cost to use. There is no requirement of signing up or contract to use their services. They offer different types of plans which can range from family to business and although their service is free to use, you need to pay for the device just. you can also use their android app if you dont want to buy the device. Let us take a look at other plans and features of freedom pop.

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