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Web Messenger  or usually also called as Web Base Messenger is a kind of Chat Client that use Internet connection and Internet Browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, and else) to connect to the Messenger Service. That’s means, Web Messenger did not need to install in your computer to use it. Just open the url of the web messenger on your internet browser and then start to use it. All of Web Messengers usually use Java Script or Flash to work properly. Therefore you have to enable your java script in your browser to use Web Base Messenger

Official Web Messenger

Official Web Messenger is Web Base Chat Client that developed by the owner (usually the owner of the registered trade mark) of the Messenger Service. For Example:

  • AIM Express : is Official Web Messenger for AIM or AOL Instant Messenger
  • Yahoo! Web Messenger : is Official Web Messenger fro Yahoo Messenger
  • MSN Web Messenger (No longer Available): is the web base chat Client for MSN Messenger aka Windows Live Messenger
  • GTalk via GMail : Actually this is not like others web messenger but you can connect to Google Talk via you web browser if you are login n activate chat on Your GMail Account.

The lack of the web base messenger usually they didn’t have a video sharing and sometimes for poor / low internet connection the web base messenger is too slow to use.

Multi Protocol Web Messenger aka All in One Web Messenger

Multi Protocol web Messenger is Web Base chat client that can connect to several IM Service at the same times. We can calls this ability to connect to several Messenger Service as All in One Web Messenger. Example of Multi Protocol Web Messenger:

  • Meebo.com – Can Connects to Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, MySpace, FaceBook Chat, ICQ, Jabber, MyYearBook.
  • eBuddy.com – Connects to MSN, YM, AIM, GTalk, FaceBook Chat, ICQ, MySpace and can use for mobile phone either.
  • IMhaha – Connects to WLM, QQ Web Messenger Client, Yahoo, AIM/ICQ (
  • WeBuzz.im – Connects to Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, AIM and Yahoo Messenger
  • Chatab.com – FaceBook, AIM, SameTime, Yahoo, GTalk, QQ, Gadu Gadu, ICQ, MSN, LiveJournal, MySpaceIM Web Chat Client

Mobile Phone Web Base Messenger

If you looking for a mobile Web Base Messenger Client such as for you iPhone or iPod Touch or your BlackBerry, you can use:

  • eBuddy Web Messenger : need to register first. visit from your phone browser internet to m.ebuddy.com
  • Heysan: You can visit from your mobile browser to the specific address of some IM Protocols like:
  • MySpace Chat – m.heysan.com/myspace

    ICQ Chat – m.heysan.com/icq

    Google Talk – m.heysan.com/gtalk

    Yahoo Messenger – m.heysan.com/yahoo

    AIM – m.heysan.com/aim

    WLM / MSN Messenger – m.heysan.com/msn

  • Instant -t : Just visit from your Mobile Browser (Safari for iPhone for example) to www.instan-t.com

Unofficial Web Messenger

This the unofficial Web Messenger developed by third party:

  • MessengerFX – unofficial web based IM client for MSN Messenger

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