The Trustworthy ICQ Monitoring Software for Both Employers and Parents

icq monitoring software to monitor employees' computer

About ICQ

ICQ is an instant messaging computer program, which was first developed and popularized by the Israeli company Mirabilis, then bought by America Online, and since April 2010 owned by Group. The name ICQ is a homophone for the phrase “I seek you”. This is an adaptation of the Morse code callout “CQ”, which means “calling any station”.

The first version of the program was released in November 1996 and ICQ became the first Internet-wide instant messaging service, later patenting the technology. AOL acquired Mirabilis on June 8, 1998, for US$407 million.

In April 2010, AOL sold ICQ to Group for $187.5 million. According to Time Warner, ICQ has over 100 million accounts registered.

The reliable SurveilStar ICQ monitoring software

icq monitoring software

SurveilStar ICQ Monitoring software is powerful network utility software designed to monitor, record and capture ICQ chat conversations and sniff out the exact chatting messages sent and received on all computers in a network. It is able to record and monitor all ICQ conversations automatically in stealth mode and export all intercepted messages to HTML files for later processing and analyzing. It is very easy to make it to work, and it will monitor all conversations in your network without the use of client software installed on the remote computer. What’s more, you can set blacklist to block annoying contacts and to filter messages that contain offensive keywords with this smart ICQ monitoring software.

Both company employers and parents can use the reliable and useful ICQ monitoring software to monitor employees’ ICQ usage and kids ICQ activity. As company employees, you can sniff out whether employees are wasting working time by exchanging non-work-related messages in order to improve the working efficiency and productivity. As considerable parents, you must want to know for safety sake who your children are chatting with and what they are chatting about. This ICQ spy monitor will definitely help you figure out all the truth.

Key features of ICQ monitoring software

• Monitor ICQ chats of both employees and kids

record and capture all chats sent and received in MSN, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger and Windows Messenger.

• Block message content

You can filter words that you think are improper by creating a message blacklist.

• Work in stealth mode

Undetectable by computer users and completely invisible to anti-virus software.

• Easy to setup and easy to maintain

Easy to use, simple installation that will have you up and running in minutes. No need to be computer savvy to use this easy-to-use and intuitive ICQ monitoring software.

• The monitoring results will be sent to your preset email box

You can see all the details of ICQ chat conversations of employees and kids.

• All detailed logs can be exported to HTML EXCEL format

You can conveniently archive all the folders of ICQ chat history.

Take real-time screen snapshots

SurveilStar ICQ Spy Software could take screenshots to provide you an easy way to review screen history.

• Full support for Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista

SurveilStar any employee monitor is such a wonderful program. I love it!”—-sunny

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