The installation process of Spytector is quite simple and won’t present any problems for users of any level. During this process the main program creates the actual keylogger called the “server”. At the beginning, the user should tick the End­User License Agreement (EULA) – and he will be able to configure the Add/Remove Programs list, the installation directory and shortcuts for Desktop, Quick Launch and Start Menu.

The user can choose between portable/standalone version and the one with install kit. When configuration of Quick Launch, Start Menu, etc. is not required, the first option (Spytector main application) is preferable.

There is a number of setting at this stage, such as “server” name, icon and version info, logfile size, filter configuration, access restrictions, log delivery options and others. Then, the “server” should be created by clicking the Build Server Button. Since the “server” is a standalone app, the same server versions can work on other user’s computers.

Also, the user has an option to uninstall the built “server” using pre-set or default hotkey (CTRL+SHIFT+F1). Should this option be active, the “server” will immediately remove itself without any sign whenever you press the mentioned hotkey.

Server Options, Uninstall with hotkey, HTTP check for removal

Server Options, Uninstall with hotkey, HTTP check for removal

Spytector interface is more than just friendly – it’s absolutely clear. Moreover, the user is offered 7 skins and 3 languages (English, French and Portuguese) to choose from.


To embrace as many users as possible, the developers have made Spytector compatible with most Window versions, namely, Windows 2OOO/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (both 32­bit and 64­bit). Our testing has confirmed excellent performance of the keylogger on all of them. As a result, we can give it all 102 points out of 117!


The program has outstanding security features meeting all requirements of this section. The program is not displayed in Task Manager, the folder and start entries are invisible. Uninstallation is possible with warning message configurability. The keylogger is password protected – a hotkey or special keyword should be pressed for the entrance. The total number of points here is also maximum – 125 out of 125!


In this section the product has not reached top position, because it cannot save any visual or audio info. Screenshots are not taken either – all the information is stored in textual format. In spite of this weak point, the program is worth its price due to many other advantages. Among them is the ability to save passwords used in the latest versions of such browsers as Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer.

As one of common spy software, Spytector records keystrokes (both typewriter and system keys), clipboard, opened apps/windows, system logon/logoff. There are also filters, which help the user narrow activities (or web sites) to be monitored. No one would ever like his logs to be overloaded with needless details. Some parameters in this section though get zero points. The keylogger does not register operations with files (creation, deletion, opening, renaming, copying), mouse clicks and printer queue. On the whole, well implemented basic monitoring functions!

Resulting points for monitoring are 94 out of 340! Could be better!


The position of the product in monitoring online activities is quite strong. The keylloger perfectly records the URLs opened in five browsers and chats (both sides) in popular chat apps inclulding ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, AIM and MSN Messenger.

It features all functions in our table, except emails logging and making screenshots of visited web sites.

Total number of points for online monitoring is 147 out of 176. Fairly good!


Features connected with reports/logs are implemented quite well – only two services have not been implemented: events duration is not registered and logs cannot be copied to a portable device.

Log viewer, Browser, Chat, KeyStrokes

Log viewer, Browser, Chat, KeyStrokes


The results in the last section of our testing are satisfactory too. The interface is designed in 3 languages (English, French and Portuguese), programs’/websites’ blocking and reaction to specific keywords are successfully working. Absence of some features took away points making total number 51 out of 108.


Having tested Spytector by a big number of parameters, we have concluded that this keylogger is truly an effective tool for both corporate and private monitoring. The program is invisible, configurable, available in 3 languages and 7 skins, where logs can be encrypted prior to dispatch. Easiness of use and clear interface are among its great advantages!

POINTS TOTAL: 642 out of 1001

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