Intelligent call queue allows incoming calls to be queued while agents or front desk staff (members of a call queue) answer calls. Calls do not go unanswered, but rather get put in a queue until an agent is available to take the call.


  • This will alleviate call traffic during peak hours (9-11 am and 2-5 pm)
  • Nobody gets left behind as the system will call all people in queue
  • The system creates comprehensive call reports each day to help staff and employers determine ways to provide better service
  • Customer satisfaction goes up
  • Customer retention improves
  • Administrative costs go down, as you need fewer staff to manage calls

Our system is compatible with all hosted and on-premise phone systems, even as an add-on option you can hook up to your analog line.

As an example to better understand how ICQ functions, you can define a group of two staff members or phones assigned to receive calls, and have the main number route to an ICQ. If both people are busy, callers will be kept in the queue until the next staff member is free.

SequelNet Intelligent Call Queue

Intelligent Call Queue FAQs

Q: What is Intelligent Call Queue (ICQ)?

A:Intelligent Call Queue, or ICQ, is a fully automated system used to automatically distribute calls to a group of extensions.

Q:We have a PBX/phone system in-house. Can we use an ICQ device?

A: Yes, ICQ device is compatible with almost all analog/digital PBX systems. For more information please contact our customer service with information on your PBX. Our engineers can provide you with an easy way to integrate ICQ with your PBX.

Q:We use regular POTS lines/analog phone lines. Can we use ICQ?

A:Any analog line or POTS line can be connected to an ICQ device via a gateway. We provide pre-configured gateways to make this integration as easy as plug and play.

Q:We use hosted VOIP service. Can we use an ICQ device with our hosted service?

A: Yes, if you use hosted VOIP service over IP phones, integration is easy. There are some requirements, like having an extra DID or phone number from your carrier, which is not more than $5.00 in most cases, and having IP phones with multiple SIP registration. Most IP phones today have multiple SIP account registration.

Q:How do you set up ICQ and program the PBX side of it for us?

A:Configuration and programing of the PBX side is a one-time flat fee of $150 for up to 6 extensions or 6 IP phones. For more than 6 phones, there will be a $20, non-recurrent charge per phone or extension.

Q:Do I need to hire a professional to hook up ICQ to our system?

A:In most cases, our engineers can manage this task remotely. However, if you require on-site assistance, we will gladly provide staff at a fixed flat rate.

Q:What are other functionalities of ICQ?

A:ICQ can act like a PBX as well, meaning you can use ICQ instead of your hosted service. IP phones and extensions can be connected to and work with ICQ in the exact same way as any PBX system or hosted VOIP. Voicemail, call forwarding, cell phone integration, and many other features like call recording can be managed by the ICQ device.

Q:What does it mean when you say that ICQ can work as a PBX?

A: As mentioned previously, ICQ is a full in-house IPPBX with all professional features, which means a lot of saving on your phone service, up to 70% less in recurrent monthly charges. You can also connect your POTS lines and use hardwire analog phone lines with ICQ.

Q:Do you provide warranty on the ICQ device? For how long?

A:Yes, we provide one full-year warranty on the device as well as programming.

Q:Do you charge for any changes needed that come up down the road?

A:There is a small monthly fee which covers all maintenance and overnight replacement of devices, depending on the ICQ model. For example, it is a $35.00 monthly fee for ICQ-4.

Q:Can we record incoming calls to the device?

A:Yes, you can record up to, on average, 365 days of all incoming calls on ICQ-4 with four concurrent calls. After this time, recordings can be stored through other medium. ICQ devices have up to 400 GB of space for recordings.

Q:What are your support hours of operation?

A:We are available 24/7. Our average response time is 2-5 minutes.

Q:Can we use SIP trunk with our ICQ device?

A:Yes, as mentioned before, ICQ is a full PBX in-house and ready for any kind of SIP trunk services.

Q:Do you provide support to configure SIP trunk on the device?

A:The first two SIP trunk configurations are free, and after that we charge a $50 one-time fee for any reconfiguration.

Q:Are there any pre-existing requirements for ICQ to function?

A:Like all electronic devices, you need a reliable power source. We recommend using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). You also will need an Internet connection.

Q:What type of IP Phones can work with ICQ?

A:Almost all SIP based IP Phones can work with ICQ. Contact customer service with any questions.

Feel free to contact us on our toll free number 844-500-1331 or send us an E-Mail at, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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