RokeTalk All in One Messenger Mobile Phone YM WLM ICQ AIM

If you can connect with Your Mobile Phone aka Cell Phone to Yahoo Messenger using Yamee or YmTiny, and you can also connect with Your Mobile Phone in Windows Live Messenger using QMSN, and you can also connect in ICQ, WLM, Yahoo, AIM using All in One Mobile Messenger using eBuddy or Mig33 or Fring, in this article we will discuss another All in One aka Multi Protocol Messenger using RokeTalk. RockeTalk is Multiple Instant Messenger aka Multiple Chat Client that would connect to Yahoo!, MSN and Google Talk at the same time on your mobile Phone

Features available in Rocketalk Mobile Chat Messenger

There are five main features available in Rocketalk: Meet New People that would allow you to meet new people from your mobile phone; Instant Messenger Voice and Picture Chat that would allow you to share your voice and picture; Free Galleries and Mobile Download to make you easy find Messenger stuff such as ringtones, videos, wallpapers and more; Vibrant Communities to join community with voices pictures and also create your own communities ; And of course Multiple Instant Messenger in Yahoo, MSN aka WLM and Google Talk

Download Rocket Talk for your Cell Phone

To download Rocket Talk just use your mobile phone and pointed your mobile browser to and you can download Rocketalk from there.

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