My antivirus program (AVG) detects a threat called Trojan.Waldek but cannot remove it permanently. When I delete the threat, restart the computer, and run a full system scan, the Trojan will be detected again. I don’t know why this happens. Is there any other way or tool recommended to get rid of Trojan.Waldek?

This article contains basic information about Trojan.Waldek as well as the instruction for removing this threat from the infected computer. If you are a victim of Trojan.Waldek, please read through this article and learn how to perform the removal of this Trojan right now!

Recommended Tool for Trojan Removal:

  • SpyHunter (Free Download Now)

Details of Trojan.Waldek

Trojan.Waldek, according to Kaspersky, is a Trojan written in JavaScript (JS) and running in the context of Node.js, which allows running JS code outside of a browser. This Trojan is usually downloaded by another loader called Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Gootkit which is distributed via the Angler EK exploit pack. Trojan.Waldek can be multifunctional since it is designed with a modular architecture, which enables it to steal banking information and do other harmful things, such as taking screenshots, getting a list of running processes, stopping a process, starting VNC access, and performing web injects, accessing the file system, and running batch commands.

Before this Trojan can attack a computer, it must first find a way to entice PC users to download and run it. Since few people will run a seemingly malicious program, so this Trojan will masquerade itself as a benign program (such as games, utilities, or popular applications like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Excel). Then, it will spread on the Internet via different ways. Victims can encounter it when visiting an unsafe website, downloading a piece of freeware, clicking on a suspicious links, opening an email attachment, and even get it downloaded on their computers when chatting with people through online chat rooms (e.g. IRC) and  instant messaging services (e.g.ICQ ).

Kaspersky’s research shows that, Trojan.Waldek mainly target computers in those countries: India, Vietnam, Mexico, Indonesia, Algeria, Iran, Bangladesh, Turkey, Philippines, Malaysia, etc. Below is a chart showing geographical distribution of Trojan.Waldek attack during the period from 28 June 2015 to 28 June 2016.

distribution locations


Files Created by Trojan.Waldek:

According to SpyHunter’s lab, the Trojan creates following files when installed on your PC:


Activities of Trojan.Waldek

Once getting installed on your PC, this Trojan may do various things according to the commands set by its authors. Here is a list of activities performed by it:

  • It may disable your antivirus program, preventing you from removing it completely.
  • It may delete important system files and Windows registry items, resulting in a crash of the system, or other critical problems.
  • It may infect the personal files stored on your PC. If you delete the infected files, you will lose them forever; but if you don’t delete them, the Trojan won’t be removed completely.
  • It may modify your browsers’ settings and other types of Internet settings, aiming to redirect you to some unsafe websites from which you might download more malware threats.
  • It may generate annoying advertising pop-ups and fake alerting messages, in order to mislead you into buying some rogue programs.
  • It may connect to a specific website and download malicious programs on your PC or install unwanted browser extensions and plug-ins onto your web browsers.
  • It may collect your confidential information (such as credit card numbers and passwords) and transfer it to the remote hackers.

Now you can see that how dangerous Trojan.Waldek is. Being infected by this Trojan, your computer will become extremely slow and the system may crash down from time to time. You won’t be able play games, do your work, or surf the Internet smoothly. What’s worse, your personal files and banking information might be captured by the cyber crooks.

For your computer and personal privacy security, a quick and complete removal of Trojan.Waldek is very necessary. You can download and use the exclusive malware removal tool provided below to thoroughly clean it out of your PC.

(This tool is designed to deal with various malware threats like Trojans, worms, viruses, rootkits, keyloggers, browser hijackers, adware, spyware, etc)

How to Remove Trojan.Waldek Automatically?

As it is hard to remove a Trojan in the manual way, we highly recommend you to use an excellent malware removal tool like SpyHunter to automatically remove it out of your PC.

Follow the steps below to install and use SpyHunter to remove threats on your PC now:

Step 1: Install SpyHunter on your computer.

Click  the button below to download SpyHunter on your PC.

Locate the downloaded file, double click it and then click the Run button.

click run

Now you will be prompted to select your language. Once you have selected one, click OK.

select language

Click the CONTINUE button to proceed.

click continue

Accept the EULA and Privacy Policy of SpyHunter, and click the INSTALL button.

accept terms and agreements

Now SpyHunter will prepare for its installation on your PC, and you can see the installation progress as below.

installation process

When a small window appears and tells that the setup is successfully, click the Exit button.

spyhunter-click exit

Step 2: Reboot your computer into Safe Mode.

Open Start menu, go to Shut down and click Restart.


Tap F8 key repeatly before the Windows logo appears. F8 key is to initiate Advanced Boot Options menu.

When the Advanced Boot Options screen appears, select Safe Mode with Networking by using the up and down arrow keys and then hit the Enter key.


Tips: When in Safe Mode, the Trojan is not started, so it is easier and more effective for you to remove it from your PC.

Step 3: Run SpyHunter to kill Trojan.Waldek and other existing threats.

Launch SpyHunter by double clicking on its icon. Then, click the Scan Computer Now button.

scan computer now

SpyHunter now will start scanning your whole system for any existing threats. Just wait until the scanning is over.


When the scanning comes to an end, you will be shown all detected threats with their basic information. You can scroll down to check every item. If there is no problem with the scan result, you can remove them all by clicking on the Fix Threats button. Reboot your computer if you are required to do so.


* SpyHunter’s free version is only for malware detection. If SpyHunter detects malware on your PC, you will need to purchase SpyHunter’s malware removal tool to remove the malware threats. If you have any problem in removing the threats, please contact the tech support for further help.

How to Remove Trojan.Waldek by Performing System Restore?

Sometimes, you can remove a Trojan via system restore. However, this method doesn’t always work since most Trojans will infect your system restore points once installed on your PC, so that they can stop you from removing them by restoring the system. But anyhow, if you don’t want to use a security tool, you can try this method. Follow the instruction below:

For Windows 7/Vista:

  • Click the Start menu and enter system restore into the search box. Then, click System Restore from the result list.
restore system_1
  • In the popup window, select the option of Recommended restore or Choose a different restore point (if the malware infection occurred earlier than the date of the Recommend restore , you need to choose the later option).
restore system-2
  • Then, you’ll be presented with a list of restore points you have created previously. If you want more options, check Show More Restore Points. Then, you can Select an acceptable restore point and click Next.
restore system_3
  • Confirm your restore point and click on Finish.
restore system-2
  • A dialog box will pop up and ask you to confirm that you really want to perform a system restore. If you’re sure to do so, click Yes. This will start the system restore.
restore system_4
restore system_5
  • Please wait while your Windows files and settings are being restored.
restore system_6
  • After the System Restore completes, please log into your account.
restore system_7
  • Then, you will see a dialog box as below once the desktop loads up.
restore system_8

For Windows 8:

  • Right click the bottom left corner of your computer screen, and click Control Panel.
Control Panel
  • Locate view by and select Category. Find and click System and Security and then click System. In the open window, find and click on Advanced system settings.
restore system windows8_1
  • A small window will pop up. Under system Protection tab, click on System Restore.
restore system windows8_2
  • Then click Choose a different restore point.
restore system windows8_3
  • Now select a restore point and click Next.
restore system windows8_4
  • Click Finish.
restore system windows8_5
  • Click OK when a small dialog box appears. Then the System Restore will start.
restore system windows8_6
  • When the System Restore is done, your computer will be restarted itself. Then, you will receive a message as shown below on your desktop. Click Close.
restore system windows8_6

To sum up, Trojan.Waldek is a highly dangerous Trojan designed to do a series of malicious things in the infected computers. It is usually downloaded on your PC when you carelessly download something from unsafe websites, click on some malicious links or open spam email attachments. Upon its installation, this Trojan can make changes to many types of settings in your computer system and also perform various harmful activities, such as damage system files, corrupt registry entries, erase important data, and even steal banking information without your knowledge. This Trojan can badly affect your computer’s performance and you will feel annoyed when using it to work or play games. For a better experience of using your PC and the protection of your personal files & information, you need to delete Trojan.Waldek from your PC without any delay.

Friendly reminder: If you fail to remove Trojan.Waldek via restoring the system due to the fact that the Trojan has infected all your restore points, you can consider using the tool provided to thoroughly get rid of this threat form your machine. It has been proved by many PC users that using a professonal malware removal tool will make the removal easier, safer and more effective. Now you can click the button below to get SpyHunter downloaded on your PC. It will help you remove the malicious Trojan within simple clicks and provide real-time protection for your PC.

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