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02 Jul 2008 Pidgin ICQ: The client version you are using is too old

A couple of days ago, my Pidgin wouldn’t connect to ICQ any longer.

It seems that the “lovely” ICQ team pushes people to upgrade their ICQ messenger, or else.. to switch to ICQ. seems to be down, and there’s no solution anywhere, except for a patch. But most of us don’t do ICQ builds every time we pee, so that’s practically of no help. But there’s hope! Seems like the ticket patch comes along with a patched liboscar.dll as well

Carsten Knobloch to the rescue! He published a compiled liboscar.dll that has the patch. So what you need to do is:

  • download the DLL
  • quit Pidgin
  • copy the DLL to your Pidgin installation directory (Program FilesPidgin ?!)
  • start Pidgin
  • if you see the same message, just click Re-enable

That should do it for Windows. The same post has a solution for Ubuntu as well.

UPDATE: Although is down, it seems that they released 2.4.3 today which fixes the ICQ problem as well. Download it here.


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