Official ICQ Mobile For Android App Goes Live

ICQ, a still popular IM network that started it all, today released the official ICQ Mobile For Android v1.0.0 application to the Android Market.

While ICQ hasn’t been at the top for a while, it still remains popular in Europe, and Russia specifically, with 100s of millions of registered accounts and 50 million active users as of 2008.


In 1996, ICQ became the first Internet-wide instant messaging service, changing the Internet chat, previously dominated by IRC, forever.

AOL acquired Mirabilis, the company behind ICQ, on June 8, 1998 for $407 million and then 12 years later (April 2010) sold it to Digital Sky Technologies of Russia for $187.5 million. Shockingly, in an unprecedented series of events, AOL lost more than half the money it paid more than a decade ago – something that has never happened to the company before! (:sarcasm:)

ICQ has been compatible with the AIM protocol since 2000. It has also been supported by a multitude of multi-network chat clients, such as Pidgin, Digsby, Adium, Meebo, and Trillian for a long time.

However, it’s nice to finally see the official app show up, supported by the core developers.


Here is what’s going on with version 1.0:

  • runs on any version of Android above 1.5
  • supports ICQ chat, managing your contact list, editing your profile, and updating your status
  • also supports Facebook Chat
  • it’s light, at only 845KB
  • greets you with a freaking horn when you log in (I kid you not)

Check out some screenshots:

Scan this QR code with Barcode Scanner to download ICQ from the Market:

QR code for market://search?

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