Net::ICQ::On – ICQ Online Tester



This module tests the online state of any ICQ user and returns 1 for online or 0 for offline.

Features: * No ICQ account is necessary, * No ICQ server login is necessary.

These make it simple and quick to return the result.

It downloads the smallest ICQ online gif and analyses it to determine the online state of the user.

It was designed to replace the large ICQ flower GIF that ICQ promotes as an online test suitable for webpages because the standard GIF didn’t fit into the footer of the webpage it was required for. This was coded initially for the Dream Frequency website and then developed into a useful Perl module registered at CPAN.

Example uses: * In xhtml, see above example, on a homepage to display your ICQ number in green if you’re online or in the default colour if you’re offline, * As an interface for ICQ cam live support, * As an interface for ICQ messaging, * To redirect email to ICQ if the recipient is online.


Version 1.11.0 (20100315): Update for new ICQ GIF image. – Version 1.10.8 (20060628): Minor documentation update. – Version 1.10.7 (20060528): Minor code update for new GIF and minor documentation update. – Version 1.10.6 (20060407): Minor documentation update. – Version 1.10.5 (20060404): Minor documentation update. – Version 1.10.4 (20060324): Minor code update. – Version 1.10.3 (20060321): Updated distribution. – Version 1.10.2 (20060320): Changed name of function. Minor code updates. Updated documentation. – Version 1.9.4: Changed to HTTP::Request::Common for simplicity and optimisation. – Versions 1.9.1, 1.9.0, 1.7, 1.6, 1.5, 1.4, 1.3: Previous versions.


v1.11.0 (20100315)


Code is copyright (c)2005-2010 Pro Frequency. ICQ is copyright (c)1998-2010 ICQ Inc..


Net::ICQ::On was created by Frequency, Free technical support: This Perl module is free software and may be freely redistributed unchanged.

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