Legends ICQ Page

82 Players Listed!

Even if you don’t have ICQ you can “page” one of the people above and your message will appear on their screen in moments if they’re online or the next time they connect to ICQ otherwise. If you’d like to be added to this list just send a message telling me so via ICQ or send e-mail to dgoodman@infoway.com and I’ll do the rest.

ICQ (I Seek You) is a way cool program for PC, Mac or Java machine that allows you to create a contact list of your friends and associates and see which of them are online. You can click on their name and send them files, messages, url’s, email or open up a live chat window. You can get ICQ at the Mirabilis Home Page.

Tip: Mirabilis has more than one server. If you can’t connect, try adding icq1.mirabilis.com port 4000 in the ICQ/Preferences/Servers dialog (if not already listed) and move it to the top of the list. Then disconnect and try to reconnect to it.

Tip: If a player isn’t listed by character name, right-click on them in your contact list and rename them with the character name.

Tip: I dislike ICQ’s startup and incoming message sounds. I went into ‘Preferences’, selected ‘Events’, clicked ‘Configure’ and in the ICQ section changed the ‘ICQ Startup’ sound to (none) and the ‘Incoming message’ sound to a cricket sound I like. For other sounds, check out the ICQ Themes Site.

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