Latest Known Problems

Latest Known Problems with ICQ

Here is a list of some of the latest ICQ bugs, quarks, and problems that ICQ users seem to be facing. Have a look, there may be an answer to one of the annoying problems you’re experiencing and if not tell me about it and I may just add it to my problem list!

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Putting Users in Visible Mode 1) Click on the person you want to add to your visible list so that the menu pops up. 2) Go to the bottom of the menu and click on Alert/Accept Modes. 3) On the left hand side of the box click on the Status tab. 4) Check off Visible to User. 5) Then in the Override Status area check off when you want to be visible to that user. 6) Repeat those steps for all of the important people on your list!

This is a relatively new problem that some of you are experiencing. I’m not sure there is an answer to this one, except to say that you may just have to live with it. Put people that you want/need to see you on your visible list until the problem resolves itself.

I answered this in number 1 but I wanted to put it in a separate question. The short answer is that the message is stuck in cyber space and keeps coming back to you. There are only two ways to solve this problem and neither is really good, but here they are. The first is to simply get a new ICQ number and start again. (Some have actually taken this drastic measure.) The other involves simply waiting it out. Some users have reported the message just one day not coming back. Your choice here will depend on how much patience you actually have. Sorry I’m not going to be much help, but once again, there is your answer!

Well this is relatively simple. Rate limit exceeded is just ICQ’s way of letting you know it thinks you’ve logged on too many times. Some people get this error the first time they try to log on. Just give it a minute and try again. The error will eventually go away. You just have to be patient!

Sounds like the ICQ server is back at it again. It will fix itself in a few days. Just have to try and avoid changing your details until the problem corrects itself. I promise, its not your fault!

Once again, I only have suggestions that have worked for some but not for all. My first suggestion is to put a friend or two on to your visible list and get them to do the same for you and see if that helps. You can delete them from your visible list when the problem resolves itself. My other suggestion suggestion is to try deleting and re adding a couple of contacts and see if that helps. Unfortunately, its just the ICQ server that’s giving you a hard time. You haven’t done anything and there really isn’t anything you can do to fix it except to find a work around. Sorry folks!

Well I have to say that ICQ doesn’t really censor anything so if its been overrun by women looking for a good time, then there isn’t much a person can do about it. Maybe if enough of us complain they will delete some of that stuff, but until then we’ll all just have to find another way to make new friends. Sorry! BTW…please sign the petition. There is a link to it on the main page! Hopefully this will help ICQ listen! Thanks!

ICQ has said that the chat feature and email check feature will be coming back as add on features that will be available for download. Please keep checking the add/remove features option in your My ICQ menu for updates.

Well from what I can tell it’s simply a connection error. I have heard the suggestion that shutting down any firewall software or security software you may be running, including the firewall that comes standard with Windows XP, may help some of you work around this. For others, it may just be a matter of try, try again until it finally works. If anybody has a better solution, please message me and I’ll update this.

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