Imo IM Lates Update Apps for Android

The next software update for devices running the Android operating system – is Imo update to version v.4.3.2 (beta). In the latest version of imo developers have worked on the design, and it has become much better and more enjoyable. As regards the work with the program, the management is organized quite correctly – with the help of tabs and turning the screen left and right.

What does the Imo Update Give?

Imo Update

The program has a simple interface and offers many interesting features. Service does not require registration, but can memorize and combine accounts; it supports many protocols and consumes little traffic. It supports voice and video chat, and with the presence of the special player service it requests access to the use of the microphone. If you want to start a video chat with anyone in your contacts list, then that person will be sent a message with a link to, clicking which on he will be able to join you for communication.

All data in the service is transmitted over a secure connection HTTPS. Also, version contains some changes:

  1. In the updated program there is a collective space for drawing (Appendix white board), a graphic online editor, similar in functionality to the Paintbrush.
  2. It admits the possibility of collaborative editing of images, import and export. This allows users to create paintings, notes, histograms, text files or playing games with their friends in real-time.
  3. The program includes integrated search on the history of communications. You can search both on the history of all accounts, and one selected in the search, you can specify the date.
  4. This search is not only better than most web-versions of messengers, but also more convenient than in popular desktop messengers – QIP, ICQ or Pidgin.
  5. You can find and view the history of communication for other dates by clicking on a specific day in the calendar in the chat history.
  6. There is also an option to delete the stored conversation on any date.

How to Do Imo Update?

Upgrading of any software should be downloaded from the official website and installed through the store shopping. This can be done via the App Store or Google Play. Download of Imo update reaches a few minutes. If the update does not appear in the program, reload the page, restart the application. On some devices, the update is downloaded independently. You open the program, as before, and see the updated features and data.

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