IM Spellchecker

IMSpellchecker XP adds spell check and autocorrecting features to your favorite Instant Messenger. It is a powerful while ease-to-use application for improving your typing abilities.IMSpellchecker runs silently in the background. It checks spelling and corrects misspellings or typos automatically as you type.Autocorrecting technology replaces common known typos on-the-fly, increasing your typing performance.

Spell check add-on currently works with:Windows Live MessengerMSN MessengerAOL Instant MessengerYaho MessengerSkypeMiranda IMIM Spellchecker Screenshots: Technorati Tags: im, messenger, instant messaging, instant messenger, windows live messenger, live messenger, windows messenger, msn messenger, yahoo messenger, aol instant messenger, icq, Miranda, aim, Skype, Spellchecker, chat, IM Spellchecker

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