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Connecting ICQ from one computer to another computer which is connected to the Internet can be easily accomplished by using a Firewall. And even better, you can get the Wingate Firewall from Deerfield Communication’s “Wingate”.

Prior to doing the following instructions you must setup the firewall/proxy server on the computer which has the modem connection to the internet as explained in the “Setting up the wingate firewall” tutorial. Additionally, the computers have to be properly connected physically and properly configured for networking by installing needed services on all connected computers.

To properly setup ICQ to operate over the intranet you will need to change the configuration.

Take ICQ of line by selecting “Offline/Disconnect”.

Click on the Menu button

the pop-up window will appear

move the mouse to Preferences and select it by clicking

the configuration screen will be displayed

with the mouse click on the button “Connection”

the connection menu will appear

click on the “I’m using a permanent internet connection (LAN) selection

then click on the “I am behind a firewall or proxy” selection

next click on the “Firewall Settings” button.

The Firewall Settings window will appear

Click on “I am using a Socks4 proxy server”

press the “Next” button to continue

The second page of the Firewall Settings will appear

On the Socks4 Host: box type in the IP address of the computer that has the modem connection to the internet (that computer also is running the wingate program with the socks4 service).

On the socks4 Port: box type in 1081. This port number is the same as the port on the Socks Service of Wingate on the other computer .

As shown above place the IP address in the Proxy Server Host: box and the Proxy Server Port of 4001. The Address is the IP address (as above) of the computer having the internet modem and also running the UDP service which on the other computer is also set to as port 4001.

press the next button to continue.

the Check Firewall window will appear

press the “Check My Firewall/Proxy Setting” button.

The Status should say “Ready” in a couple of seconds.

Setting up the wingate firewall 

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