ICQ Monitor, Monitor ICQ with SurveilStar IM Monitoring Software

ICQ is the first instant messaging service released in 1996 whose name infers “I seek you” . It was a IM tool which received hot and immediate global responses since its first release.

A survey shows, ICQ owns millions of active users per month and its most active time is the 3 hours before bedtime, 2 hours after getting into the offices. Which means, most ICQ users will have at least 1 small chat with someone after entering the office. This is of course not a big deal in many people’s opinions, but it is for sure not good for employees to concentrate on work in a short time. Because they may have to spend more time on getting out of the chat atmosphere, no matter it is sad, happy or… Then it is not surprising for employers to use Surveilstar to accomplish ICQ monitor.

How to find an ideal ICQ monitoring software ?

There are plenty of software in the market for monitoring ICQ, they are able to be found via-

  • Google and other search engines
  • Monitoring software/employee monitoring software reviews
  • Software companies’ reviews
  • Ask.com or other websites on answering questions.
  • Forums and other websites that you can find people to help.
  • Amazons or other off-line shops.

Why Surveilstar?

Surveilstar may not be the best, but it is definitely one of leading software in monitoring IM. Despite other good functions, it has already been proved by millions of users on its great performance of IM monitoring.

Take a trial now to see how it performs.

How to monitor ICQ with Surveilstar?

Step 1: Install the console/server on the monitoring pc side and the agent on monitored pc side. Please note: if you are unfamiliar with the installations, please refer to the USER MANUAL.

Step 2: After entering the console, click “Instant Messaging” under “Monitoring” option at the toolbar. Surveilstar will list all coming and going ICQ chats details with content, participants, time…

Step 3: You could export those instant messages even all chats appeared with different file formats, HTML, XLS are the main supported formats.

Can I use Surveilstar for other IM monitoring?

Yes. Surveilstar supports most mainstream worldwide instant messaging computer programs. Like the Chinese beloved Tencent QQ, American AIM, Windows Live Messenger (also named MSN Messenger), even the popular Google Talk.

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