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Why I wrote ICQ/IP (A more detailed explanation about what ICQ/IP does) I have a friend with a lotus notes server on a ppp dynamic ip account.  We both have ICQ.  Whenever I needed to connect to his notes server I needed a name to get to it (notes only uses names, not ip #).  I would look in ICQ, get his ip, update my host table & go from there.  ICQ/IP was written to do this lookup & editing for me.  Also, this allowed me to ping, ftp, telnet, etc. to his host name instead of ip address if needed.  Any game that asks for a host name or IP address I now use the host name instead of looking in icq user properties to get the ip address.


icqip11.zip from tripod.com or from  icqip11.zip on simtel.net  

Zip File Contents:      Readme.txt – This file      ICQIP.EXE – The ICQ/IP Application Executable      ICQMAPI.DLL – The ICQ API DLL, ICQ/IP needs this file to communicate with ICQ


Create a subdirectory for ICQ/IP to reside & unzip the file into it. Make sure to keep the DLL file in the same subdirectory as the executable. Once you run the application it will ask you for the location of your host table. For Windows 9x it is c:\windows\hosts (no extension). For Windows NT it is c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.

Application Notes

  • ICQ/IP uses the nickname displayed within ICQ as the host name.

  • SPECIAL FEATURE : If you double-click on the ICQ/IP icon, the sound is instantly muted/unmuted.

  • You can set ICQ to automatically launch ICQ/IP when ICQ loads if you are not on a permanent connection.     To do this:

  • ICQ MUST be running for ICQ/IP to function.

  • If ICQ/IP seems to not be working, look to the About Box for more information.

  • I have received notes that ICQ/IP is given internal network IP addresses from the ICQ API instead of the internet IP Addresses. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to fix this until an updated API is released from ICQ.  It seems as if results vary with ver of ICQ.

  • If a contact has a 2 or more word ICQ nickname (ie “Big Boss Man”) any and only one of the words can work at a time. So, “ping Big” or “Ping Boss” will both ping the same IP address.

  • If you have an application that locks the host table, such as WinRoute (when acting as DNS) ICQ/IP cannot update the host table & not work properly.

Version History

ICQ/IP ver 1.1 Copyright 2000 Art Weiss, Jr.

You can visit ICQ/IP on these software sites:

Another site for Free Software

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