Simply double click the icon and the following screen will appear.

The defaults here are correct so simply click next on the bottom right hand of the screen. Once you’ve done that you’ll come to the license screen simply hit next again. ICQ will install on your computer. You will need to reboot. Once you do that ICQ will try and start on your computer. If you don’t have a cable connection ICQ won’t be able to connect because you aren’t online. You will get an error telling you to check your internet connection. Simply hit okay. Connect to the internet. Then hit the offline/disconnect button shown below.

That button becomes a menu where you will be able to select your status. To simply connect click the top option, online/available. Once you are available and online you may start using ICQ.

Well here’s the scoop on those pesky flowers. Red simply means offline folks, it’s as simple as that. An all green flower means available/online. That’s the one you want to see. The other good one is the big happy, smiley flower, that means available to chat. The white flower means that the status indicator is disabled. Basically it just means ICQ has no idea whether you’re online or offline or just having a nap. If you happen to be on ICQ’s website, or somebody elses, try refreshing the page to get those little flowers working. It may just help.

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