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Lots of people are online from when the internet has become popular. Initially, people were using online services like; America Online (AOL), Prodigy, CompuServe, and some more for communicate with each other. Later on, with increasingly business and people demand, developer has created “chat-room” messenger software to fulfil business and people requirement. With this success developer started creating different type of software for different-different purpose. Now, Messenger plays an important role in terms of communication. Most of the company offers user-friendly, powerful messenger with free rich features. For one-to-one communication user can use any messenger, but for business uses or communication it should be secure and very much stable. “ICQ” Messenger is one of them introduced by “ICQ Inc”. Currently, it is upgraded to ICQ v8 for Windows. ICQ 8 contains all essential features including free video/audio chat, email and SMS, social networks support, wireless-pager messages, transfer files and URLs and many-more. If person is away from their personal computer then too can chat with friends, even when the ICQ client is not installed.

Steps to proceed ICQ 8

Step 1: Download process To download, go to,”http://download.icq.com/download/icq/en” page, click on “ICQ 8 for Windows” download link, it will fetch the ICQ 8 setup file, save it and install it to get the advantage ICQ 8 Messenger.   Step 2: Login ICQ Sign-In process is very fast, simple and secure, just Log-In with phone number and start chatting. To log-In with phone number, submit the activation code that is sent via SMS.   User can sign-In with Facebook, Odnoklassniki or Vkontakte account too. After accessing other account, user can see all of friends of other login account to the ICQ messenger chat contact list, allow to start chat directly from ICQ. User can continue the conversation from anywhere, no matter where you are.

ICQ Supported Features

Free Video/Voice calls: Allows people to do free Video/Voice calls to their friends and families all over the world. Enjoy great sound and video quality and talk for free as much as possible.   This high definition video call makes face-to-face conversation very easier, no matter how far you are. Using ICQ 8, user can call to mobile no. and landlines at any place in the world. Use voice calls to make a local or international call on ICQ, free (low rate).   Share Photos and Videos: Send photos, your videos and other files to friends. User can send files to their ICQ contact list friends and to friends on Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte.   Email Notifications: User Connects their email account to ICQ and get notifications about new messages in their Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Mail.Ru inboxes. Chat History: ICQ stores the user messages and past conversations in chat history. The built-in search permits them to fast find particular messages and particular moments in the conversation. Also can disable chat history.   Social Networks: Connects social networks and messengers accounts to ICQ to chat with all friends from both accounts using one application.   Emoticons: ICQ facilitates varieties of emoticons and animations, helps user to easily express their mood.   Themes: Provides wide variety of themes or color.


  • Text, video, and audio chat
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Attractive interface design
  • Integrated with social network


  • No improvement over other IM apps
  • Video chat is not set in the conversation window
  • Social networks must be configured on the program’s website


ICQ 8; a free messenger, popular because of its simple and attractive interface, easy to install, provides free all type of communication, flash animations and emoticons for younger audience. With text messages, audio/video chat, and newly integrated social networking features – ICQ 8 offers various chances to work with all friends and stay in touch with them.

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