How Does ICQ Password Recovery Work?

Methods of ICQ password recovery include:

  • Resetting your ICQ password online
  • Recovering stored ICQ passwords
  • ICQ password brute force attack

Reset your ICQ Password

The easiest way to recover a ICQ password is to go to the ICQ Get a New Password page.

To use this page, enter your ICQ number and ICQ will e-mail your ICQ password to an e-mail account associated with your ICQ number.

If you no longer have access to the e-mail account(s) associated with the ICQ number, ICQ will refuse to assist you.

Stored ICQ Password Recovery

Current ICQ clients store the ICQ password information in the Windows Registry. Older ICQ clients stored the IRC password information in the ICQ .DAT file.

Several programs, with widely varying capabilities, are available to help you recover a lost ICQ password.

  • Elcomsoft Advanced Instant messengers Password Recovery
  • ICQr
  • IcqHR

ICQ Password Brute Force Attack

It is possible to mount a brute force attack to recover an ICQ password.

You could try a manual brute force attack, but it is probably easier to use an automated tool such as IPDbrute.

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