External integration and information exchange with Bitrix24

There are two observations on this sample import file:

  • a good one: all the user fields added by the administrator of the specific CRM can also be downloaded

  • a bad one: TIN as a default does not exist, and as a result – no hope for “data update”, only “replenishment”.

Using the standard import of Bitrix24 and our download script you can upload your customer base to Bitrix24 once.

Further is the information on how to teach programs to update the data regularly and without errors.

Binding leads and transactions to requests for the warehouse or production

Imagine that you’ve performed a sale. Usually it means issuing and paying the invoice. Then the order will be given away for execution.

Almost always the order execution is monitored in a particular program.

For example, it is a request to the warehouse. Or a contract number. Or a reference to a project (that can be conducted in Bitrix24 or another system).

To tell the truth,  we would like to see something like that in the CRM:

There is nothing specifically made in Bitrix24 to support such a process.

Nevertheless, the task to bind external information is quite solvable. How?

  1. Create fields at the transaction or the lead to enter a number or a link to an external system. The external system can return information, such as the request status or a text description. Then it is also necessary to make fields for that.

  2. Make it so that the external system receives information on requests and responds to demands. The easiest way to do that is to write an event handler  OnAfterCrmLeadUpdate  for the primary appeal to the external system and an agent for the regular status enquiry.

  3. The external system can return the file, and not only a text line. In order to browse it from the lead card conveniently you will have to change the display of the field. It is quite a complicated change. You will have to change the component template  crm.lead , which causes the component  crm.lead.show , which causes the component  crm.interface.form , which causes the component  crm.interface.form.tactile , which causes the component  main.interface.form . main.interface.form is one of the most low-level components of 1C-Bitrix system and its proper customization is a Herculean task.

  1. Create the missing fields
  2. Provide their filling by a specially made application for Btrix24 (it is quite a real way, there are successful cases)
  3. Set the standard or at least write the nonstandard reports on the CRM using these data.

Creation of leads when registering new requests in other systems (sites, emails, electronic archives, etc.).

It is highly recommended to use one of the standard methods described above: transfer of lead data from the web-form of the site based on Framework, creation of lead from a letter or a transaction from an online store order.

These mechanisms work and do not require attention.

If everything is complicated by you (for example, you need to create leads at request of the electronic document management system), we invite you to the magic world of CRM module classes, which we have already talked about.

This is love.

The scheme is approximately the same as with loading of goods. We will need:

  • table  b_crm_lead

  • CRM module class  CCRMLead

It seems to be an easy task. Actually creation of lead and its proper filling with data is not a simple matter. Doubles, links to companies, requirements to validation, filling the leda stream and creation of “letters” for file upload, “business matters” management – that all is more complicated than you think.

Receiving reports that include data from Bitrix24 and other systems

There are reports in the CRM. It means the popular “sales funnel”, as well as the predefined reports such as “Number of transactions by managers”

and even the report constructor.

Sometimes you need to make reports based on external data that do not exist in Bitrix24.

There are two options: import data into Bitrix24 and try to get reporting in this system or download data for external processing.

At the same time it is convenient to use the CRM system of Bitrix24 as a source of data for reports, and the reports themselves can be self-written, developed specially for you. We have an excellent example of the solution of this task:  Special reports and traffic management in the cloud version of Bitrix24


External integration, data import and functionality expansion of Bitrix24 is adifficult, but solvable problem.

Who can be entrusted with support and maintenance of Bitrix24 portals?

Inexperienced developers tend to underestimate the size of the task.


And there are almost no experienced developers.

INTERVOLGA has experienced analysts and developers specializing in Bitrix24. We solve complex programming tasks for Bitrix24 and we are willing to help you.

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