Download ICQ for Free Version 8.2

Although ICQ used to be the most popular instant messaging service, Microsoft’s MSN Messenger took over that spot for many years. But even though ICQ was no longer in the spotlight, the developers continued to upgrade and improve it until finally reaching version 7. And let me tell you, it is impressive.

With ICQ 7, there is a quick and painless installation process that only takes a couple of minutes. Once that is complete, you are able to import your contacts from other social media sites such as Facebook, Gmail, and Windows Live. Once it is completely installed, ICQ 7 launches and displays its characteristic colorful, customizable interface. All of this is with the omnipresent banner at the bottom, of course.

Chatting via text is still the main function of ICQ. You can always add interest to them though, with smileys and tzers (the equivalent to Live Messenger’s winks). You can also customize the text font and color, save the conversation to your message history, as well as play some games with your friends. And now with ICQ 7, you have the ability to transfer files and even send short text messages via a mobile phone.

With this latest version of ICQ, video chats have been fully integrated. The application boasts of an excellent video quality that sits in a separate window from the text chat for ease of use. The most impressive improvement to ICQ 7, however, is undoubtedly its integration with all the most popular social networks. You will find a whole tab devoted to notifications from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr. So now you can track your friend’s activities at all times.

So try out ICQ 7 today, you won’t be disappointed. Its goal is to continue to measure up to its main competitors, all with simple and not an overly-done interface or features.

The most recent changes to ICQ 7 include:

  • Messaging history tool
  • New and improved messaging window
  • Email notifications
  • Visibility lists
  • Advanced search options
  • Ability to take pictures

Download ICQ For Free, it’s fun!

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