Comet Information and the International Comet Quarterly (ICQ)

Primary and secondary information on comets and observing comets:

  • Astronomical headlines from the publications of the CBAT and MPC regarding comets and other objects.

  • Currently-observable comets: ephemerides, elements, and links to magnitude estimates
    • The most recent observation of each recently observed comet (see these notes).
    • Recent comet magnitude estimates
  • The brightest comets seen since 1935.
    • The brightest comets of the last two centuries: John Bortle’s “Bright-Comet Chronicles” are now available at this website.
  • Primer on Comet Names, Comet Designations, Comet Nomenclature
    • Correspondence of Old- and New-Style Designations
    • Permanent periodic-comet numbers (new-style), in alphabetical order (including the old name-numerals) or in numerical order (without the old name-numerals)
    • List of Comet Designations and Names
  • Recent comets noted to have split
  • What is The International Comet Quarterly?

Additional information on comets (and related phenomena):

  • Observing comets, and observations of comets
    • Ephemerides/elements for all currently-observable comets
    • Brief introduction to comet magnitudes/photometry
      • Definition of comet “magnitude”
      • Helpful information on observing for contributors
      • ICQ format for contributors
      • Recommendations for reference-magnitude sources (to use for comet-magnitude estimates)
    • The ICQ Comet Handbook, a special annual publication giving orbital elements, ephemerides, predicted brightnesses, and (starting with the 2007 edition) observability/elongation diagrams for comets.
    • The 1997 edition of the ICQ Guide to Observing Comets is now out of print, but we hope to have a revised edition available soon. We have had a great many requests for this popular item.
    • How to Report a Comet Discovery
  • Lists and Plots regarding Comets
  • Glossary of comet and astronomical terms
  • Index to the CBAT/MPC/ICQ pages (under revision)
  • Recommended links to other Websites that contain useful and original comet (and some meteor) material/information
  • Recommended publications to general information on comets

Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs)

  • Information on atmospheric fireballs (bright meteors) and meteorites
  • Information on the scourge of light pollution, and what you can do to help make the sky a better place to view comets in! Some pages were produced and made available here because of the prominence of this problem to cometary observers.

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