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Chat/IM System Settings

Chat/IM System Settings allow you to record a non-standard port or change the method of capture for a type of chat. Under normal circumstances, you will NEVER change these settings. Select Record | Chat/IM Activity and click the System Settings button to access this panel. Only advanced users should attempt to make changes, so that recording is not compromised.

To add a port:

You can add or change a communications Port The destination for a particular type of data communication on arrival at an IP address. For example, HTTP web traffic normally occurs at port 80, and SMTP email often goes through port 25 the Recorder monitors for Chat/IM. This panel lists the default ports where the Recorder is listening for activity. To add a new port, in the appropriate protocol field, type a space following the given ports and type the new number. Click OK on the dialog box to save your changes.

  • IRC Ports – (Default) Records at ports 6660-7000.
  • MSN Ports – (Default) Records at port 1863.
  • AOL/ICQ Ports – (Default) Records at port 5190.
  • Yahoo Ports – (Default) Records at ports 5050, 5101, 8001, 8002.
  • XMPP Ports – (Default) Records at port 5222.

To remove a port from monitoring:

Select the port number and press the Delete key on your keyboard, or use the Backspace key. If you change a port, the change will not take effect until the Recorder receives the settings and the user restarts the Chat/IM application.

About levels of capture:

A “protocol” (IRC, AIM/ICQ, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, XMPP) is the method of communication used by chat and IM services. The Recorder uses one of two approaches to capture each protocol: High-level or Low-level. The default settings are usually optimal for each protocol:

  • Low-level – The Recorder captures basic chat and IM conversations (text only) at “low level” when a “high level” capture is not possible. Low-level capture works well for most conversations, because it does not rely on a particular Chat/IM application version. The Recorder uses low-level capture for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and for third-party applications that interface with major providers (AOL, Yahoo, MSN), such as Trillian.   
  • High-level – Captures content directly from the application window at “high level,” resulting in a recording with greater detail (includes the Yahoo Emoticons and the HTML font being used). This approach can record conversations from encrypted communication, whereas low-level recording cannot. High-level capture is used as a backup to the low-level method, because it relies on a specific version of an application, which may change.  
  • Auto – The Recorder determines whether to use low-level or high-level capture each time a Chat/IM  event begins. Generally, the Recorder uses low-level capture unless (a) the communications protocol is encrypted or (b) it does not recognize the protocol.    
  • Disabled – Disables capture of a Chat/IM protocol. Use this setting to turn off all recording of one chat type, such as MSN.

To change a Record Level:

First, determine which protocol to change. Then, use the drop-down list to select to another method of capture, or to disable recording.

  • IRC – By default, the Recorder captures Internet Relay Chat IRC Internet Relay Chat is used for web chat rooms or for instant messaging at low-level.
  • MSN – By default, the Recorder captures Microsoft instant messing on Auto.
  • AIM/ICQ – By default, the Recorder captures America Online Instant Messenger and ICQ “I-Seek-You” accounts for instant messaging and social networking using the XMPP protocol chat at Auto setting.
  • AOL – By default, the Recorder captures America Online in-browser chat activity at Low-Level.
  • Yahoo – By default, the Recorder captures YAHOO Yahoo (Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle) offers email, an online chat protocol, and instant messaging accounts with file transfer and social network posting capability Instant Messenger and Chat at Auto setting.
  • XMPP – By default, the Recorder captures the XMPP Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, an open, XML-based protocol used for server-to-server instant messaging by Facebook and other websites XML-based protocol used by Facebook at Low-Level.

To disable or enable capture other types of messaging:

The Record Options list displays additional chat types recorded by default. You may want to disable recording for approved chat (such as MSN Exchange) and still record all others. Alternatively, you may be interested in logging ONLY one type of Chat/IM. Checked options are recorded, cleared options are not recorded.

  • Capture Web IMs – Messaging at a web site, such as Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger.

  • Capture OSCAR80 – OSCAR Open System for CommunicAtion in Realtime is an Instant Messenger protocol used by AOL for its ICQ and AIM messaging interfaces is a messaging protocol used by AOL.

  • Capture MySpace443Messaging that occurs on MySpace.

  • Capture MSN ExchangeMicrosoft messaging on an MS Exchange Server.

  • Capture Skype – Text chat through the Skype program.

To enable a Time Stamp on low-level recording:

Check Enable Time Stamp if you want to add a time stamp to each line of the conversation when low-level capture is used. For example:

<10:15:22> BlueSuede> How are you <10:16:30> RedPatent> Fine <10:17:00> BlueSuede> Good to hear

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