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DOES NOT APPLY TO RECON. Limit users’ access to online chat using the Block | Chat/IM Activity panel. These settings block (or allow) instant messaging with specific contacts or chat in specific chat rooms. Find out who to block by observing Chat/IM Activity in the Dashboard.  

For example…if you notice that Bob is continually on Yahoo Messenger having inappropriate conversations with his girlfriend Sue, you can block Sue’s Yahoo ID. You would know her ID by observing the previous Chat/IM recordings. Bob can still use Yahoo Messenger, but he will not send or receive any messages to or from Sue.

Turn on blocking of Chat/IM contacts

  • Click the ON button in the left list of settings to toggle it to OFF. Click the OFF button in the left list of settings to toggle it to ON.  -OR-
  • Select OFF or ON in the right side panel.

Block or allow Chat/IM access

First, turn ON Chat/IM Activity blocking.

  • Block contact names in list – Select to prevent the user at the recorded computer from communicating with the contacts listed below. Other chat and IM will NOT be blocked.
  • Allow access ONLY to contact names in list – Select to block all chat except with the contacts listed below. For example, you may allow a list of clients, teachers, or business associates.
  • Add – Adds a contact name. Click to open a Chat/IM Blocking box where you can select the chat account type and identify the contact to block (or allow). See the section following. Click OK on the box to add the contact to your Chat/IM list.
  • Delete – Select a contact from the list and click Delete to remove the name from the list.

Specify contacts to block

First select the type of Chat/IM account the local user signs in to. Then, enter the contact you want to add to the list. If necessary, obtain contact names by reviewing Chat/IM recordings in the Dashboard.

  • AOL/ICQ – Select this Chat/IM type if the user signs into AOL, AIM, AIM Express, Dead AIM, ICQ 2002, ICQ 2003 or ICQ Lite.

    Enter the Screen Name of the contact you want to block. For ICQ, enter the User Identification Number (UIN).

  • MSN – Select if the person you are monitoring signs into MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, or MSN Exchange Client.

    Next to Email Address, enter the full email address of the contact you wish to block (or allow), such as or Blocking an internal MSN Chat/IM contact is not supported.

  • Yahoo – Select if the person you are monitoring signs into Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Chat 2.0, or an online Yahoo chat room.  

    A Yahoo ID might be friend88; the ID of another contact participating in these Yahoo sessions might be a full email address, To block access to a Yahoo Chat Room (available from Yahoo Messenger), enter the name of the Chat Room; for example: Gardening:6. You can get the name of Yahoo contacts and the Chat Rooms being used from the Chat/IM Activity view.

  • MySpace – Select if the person you are monitoring signs into MySpace to use Instant Messaging.

    Enter the Display Name and the User Profile ID you want to block. Both the Display Name and the numeric User-Profile ID appear in the Chatted with column in the Chat / IM Activity view.

The Recorder on a Mac will block contacts when AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, MySpace, Facebook, or Bonjour accounts are used.

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