Atomic Web Spider tool for Collecting E-Mail ids, Phone No.

Atomic Web Spider Software

Atomic web spider is a browser plugin which automatically gathers all the decrypted contact details from password-protected sites.

  • Extract & Search fax and phone numbers individually
  • Extract & Search ICQ UIN
  • Extract & search email addresses
  • Collects ids of AOL messenger, MSN and Yahoo! Messenger
  • Supports Firefox 9, Firefox 10 and Google Chrome
  • Exports fax and phone number separately

Atomic web spider is a browser plugin for Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. It is basically an email extractor which collects and stores all the contact details automatically from websites you visit. It is capable to search and extract contact numbers and fax numbers, MSN, AIM UIN, Yahoo and ICQ ids and numbers. It scans each website you visit and collect as many contact details as it can. The contact details it searches and extracts are fax and phone numbers, email addresses, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, MSN Messenger, and AOL Messenger. For Firefox, Opera, IE 5 or advanced, it works like a plugin. It features data export and filtering with which it can easily manage contact details. Here are some of its key features �

Locate & Collect Fax & Phone Numbers � Feedback information is always stored in well-known ecommerce sites that also include fax and phone numbers. Sometimes you don�t find them as they are located at the bottom. If you visit websites regularly for at least 2 hours, over hundreds of fax numbers can be collected by you.

Locate & Extract Mobile Numbers – Atomic web spider can also collect mobile numbers like faxes and phones, if published in sites you visit the most. It keeps fax and phone numbers separate in its list. Once exported, you can separate mobile numbers from phone numbers through codes.

Collect Ids of Messengers: It collects Yahoo, AOL and MSN Messenger ids and extracts most of them.

Locate & Collect ICQ UIN – Atomic web spider can do it for you. It is capable to retrieve ICQ UIN numbers. For targeted ICQ marketing, you can use these numbers.

Locate & Gather Emails – Atomic web spider is capable to poll all the webpages you visit for collecting email addresses. For other programs, Atomic web spider can be a best companion to locate emails in Newsgroups and web.

Atomic web spider is useful for both companies and individuals who approach their clients online for direct marketing. It is capable to save hundreds of your productive hours of your staff by automatically collecting all the contact details from the websites they visit. It extracts phone numbers, emails and other contact information every time a website is visited by you.

Once you have installed this software, it will start working independently on its own. It doesn�t need your participation. It automatically scans each page�s content visited by you and come out with as much contact details as possible. It has in-built support for Opera, Firefox, IE and Chrome.

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