10 Relics From the Early Days of the Internet That You Didn’t Know Are Still A Thing

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10 Relics From the Early Days of the Internet That You Didn’t Know Are Still A Thing

By Rebecca Pahle | | March 19, 2015 |

internet explorer rip.jpg

Internet Explorer is dead, long live Internet Explorer… in a pit of fire being poked with spikes for all eternity by an army of mutant worms, because that’s what Internet Explorer deserves. Instead, Microsoft is finally ditching IE and replacing it with a new browser called Project Spartan. That’s OK too, I guess.

I honor of “the U2 of browsers,” here are ten other nostalgia-rific institutions from the early days of the Internet that have somehow made it into 2015.


LiveJournal and DeadJournal It’s not-uncommon knowledge that early aughts blogging platform de rigueur LiveJournal is still really popular in Russia—I’ve heard the Russian mob is a particular fan, and I don’t care whether that’s true, because it’s true in my heart—but did you know LJ’s emo stepbrother DeadJournal is active? And it looks E X A C T L Y like it did when you had one? If you were a teenager who spent all their time and money buying Tim Burton merch at Hot Topic, that is.

MySpace I feel like every year, we see stories about how MySpace is back. And indeed, there it is, still MySpaceing, now as some sort of pop culture news hub. I have attempted to muster my shits about what MySpace has to say on ex-Australian Idol contestants, but there are just no shits to muster.

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