How to Hide Your Last Seen Timestamp in Telegram on iPhone

Telegram has grown over the years to become a very popular social messaging app. Apart from being more secure, it offers exciting features that are missing from WhatsApp and other apps, such as stickers, GIFs, channels, bots, and much more.

With telegram, you can send and receive messages, photos, videos, and files, as well as place a voice call. Telegram also has a read receipts feature which shows a double tick next to messages which have been read by the other person. Unfortunately, you cannot disable read receipts in Telegram, but there is a way to hide your last seen status so that no one knows when you ignore their messages.

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Soccer in U.S. thriving behind younger, growing audience

When is soccer going to finally make it in this country?

As the U.S. Men’s National Team prepares to take on Costa Rica in Saturday’s CONCACAF Gold Cup 9 p.m. semifinal at AT&T Stadium, it’s not a question Dan Courtemanche hears anymore. That’s because, in large part, it has already happened.

Courtemanche is Major League Soccer’s executive vice president of communications — commissioner Don Garber’s right hand. He heard that question for years. But now, not so much.

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Telegram introduces payment via chatbots

Telegram, the international messenger launched by Pavel Durov in 2013, is now bringing support for payments via chatbots,  nearly two years after introducing them.

“Imagine a world where you can order pizza, pay for a pair of shoes, hire a cab, or refill your subway pass — all in a few button taps on Telegram,” suggests Telegram to promote the new service.

Thus online merchants can now add the new functionality to any Telegram Bot. They may customize the Bot and change the ordering script in order to specify the delivery time, ask for a phone number, offer a discount on a customer’s birthday, or other marketing purposes. The bot developer can choose between all available payment providers, selecting the one already used by the buyer or another one with a lower commission.

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Intelligent YouTube Channels


  • @GoogleTalks

    • Google has lots of famous visitors speaking at its headquarters, and they’re all recorded and neatly presented here.
  • Al Jazeera English

    • The Middle Eastern news service, which has generated its share of controversy, now airs broadcasts in English and presents them here.
  • American Museum of Natural History

    • Includes the excellent “Known Universe” video.
  • Artists Space

    • Artists Space supports contemporary artists working in the visual arts, video and electronic media, performance, architecture and design, and it promotes artistic experimentation and dialog in contemporary culture.
  • Aspen Institute

    • An international nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering enlightened leadership and open-minded dialogue.
  • Bad Astronomy

    • Bad Astronomy is devoted to debunking myths and misconceptions about astronomy, and also to slap down without apology bad thinking in all its forms.
  • Big Think

    • This collection brings you videos featuring some of today’s leading thinkers, movers and shakers.
  • Bob Dylan TV

    • The official YouTube Channel for Bob Dylan. Features some good vintage clips, even though it has a commercial angle.
  • British Film Institute National Archive

    • The BFI (British Film Institute) promotes understanding and appreciation of Britain’s rich film and television heritage and culture. And it claims to have the “world’s largest and most diverse film and TV archive.”

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Xiaomi Mi 6 review

Article Contents

Xiaomi has an interesting history that I recommend you read up on if you don’t already know it. The company, while known to mostly enthusiasts here in the States, has a huge presence in its homeland China, as well as India and other parts of Southeast Asia. Despite a general decline in size and influence in the past year or two, Xiaomi continues to push the envelope of affordable, feature-packed phones. The Mi line represents the best that the manufacturer has to offer. For 2017, Xiaomi has created the Mi 6, a small phone full of the latest and greatest specs.

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Telegram APK 3.16.1 Latest Version Free Download

Download Telegram APK 3.16.1 Latest Version Free for Android

The latest version of Telegram APK v3.16.1 has been released. You can use telegram software as well to send messages to your friends. Telegram application provides you instant messaging service. Telegram app can be used on different platforms and it provides a great privacy also. Thus this gadget can be used different operating systems like iPhone, windows and android systems and can be used on desktop also. Users can also share photos and videos which can be up to 1.5 GB size.

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