Several weeks prior to the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this past summer, Microsoft made a controversial decision to pull the popular Messaging Everywhere feature that allowed users with a Windows 10 Mobile device to send and receive texts from their Windows 10 PC.

When that feature was lit up in the Anniversary Update it was so convenient to initiate, reply and carry on a text based conversation using Messaging. It disappointed a lot of Windows 10 users when that was pulled from the final builds.

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How to resolve AD account lockout issue?

As a system administrator, there will be times that user will be contacting you for unlocking their AD account when they get locked out. Usually unlocking their AD account from Active Directory Users and Computers will resolve the issue.But user facing frequently account locking after unlocking the account.

For this issue we need follow the some procedure  and use some tools to find the source system which is causing for the account lockouts.

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