Remove Skype Home from your Skype Account

I bet, any Skype user who updated the Voice over IP software to version 5.5 had before him a bothering issue to deal with. A window titled Skype Home automatically opens and appears before an individual, every time he logs in. This although happened when the user chooses the Compact View option instead of Default View. I was at a complete loss to understand why Skype offered no workaround for this!

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Troubleshooting Reference for Skype for Business File Transfer Issues

In my last post, I mentioned a co-worker alerted me to problems with file transfers in Skype for Business failing.

I did promise to do a post on her situation once we resolved the issue. Well, we resolved it!

I documented the troubleshooting steps we took. Many didn’t help our problem, but they might help yours. Like most technical issues, what fixes one instance may not fix another.

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The download went well and wireless worked out of the box. With two exceptions, there was little that was different from the Debian-based Openbox distributions that I usually use. The first noteable difference was a tool that presented itself at the end of the main installation. This tool allowed the installer to choose from a set of applications in each of the 5 main Linux application categories. There were 4 to 10 applications offered in each category. This was a welcome addition because it reduced the normally long task of removing, installing and configuring apps to finally get what I like. For Debian-based distros, I have this down to a science, but here I was on new terrain, which I quickly discovered. The second noteable difference had real substance: no synaptic, apt-get or aptitude!

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‘Microsoft by the numbers’ 2015


Microsoft has updated its ‘by the Numbers’ website, offering a snapshot of the company’s progress on products, corporate responsibility, and employee diets. But while it has made gains in some areas, in some others it hasn’t moved much.

Somewhat surprisingly, the company reports that “more than 1.2 billion people use Office” worldwide, equal to one in seven people on earth. It reported the exact same figure last year based on November 2014 statistics. In 2013, Microsoft reported over one billion Office users, again equal to one in seven people on earth.

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Skype Web SDK Code Samples

Learn Skype Web SDK with working code

This landing page lists all the Skype Web SDK code samples released as part of the Learn Skype Web SDK series. The Learn Skype Web SDK series is a collection of blog posts published on the blog, focused on learning this new SDK.

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How to Check Sound Settings on Skype?

Skype is one of the best video chatting app for computers and laptops and helps us easily connect with our near and dear ones. We can even make calls from Skype as it has a dialer functionality as well. Calls from Skype PC to PC are totally free, while you can also add Skype credit to make calls directly on landline and mobile phones.

Despite of Skype being a highly functional application, you may face some weird issues with clarity in sound and cracks in voice. These issues could be due to a poor network connection, but you can also make changes in Skype settings to resolve this.

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