ICQ List

The Hot & Spicy Food & Dining List has chosen ICQas the preferred method of communication between its members. ICQ empowers members with a means to chat whenever they like and enables them to share ideas, discuss similar interests or anything else pertaining to Hot & Spicy Food, including Growing, Eating, Hot Restaurants Recipes or anything else related to the Grande Chile Pepper. We encourage all members to get ICQ and provide us with their We will list the ICQ numbers of all members below, allowing quick contact with members for anyone who may visit this page. To omit your name from the list please email =Mark. Thank you.

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Legendary Internet pager ICQ marks the 20th anniversary

Today, the legendary “Aska” celebrates anniversary: ​​20 years ago, November 15, 1996 , several high school students from Tel Aviv (Israel) founded the company Mirabilis and created instant messenger ICQ.

The original ICQ software is free, which facilitated the growth of audience avalanche messenger. At the peak of popularity in 2001, the number of registered accounts exceeded 100 million. Internet-pager has become very popular in many countries, including in Russia.

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“Magic Fields”, Microsoft Word Help

Recently, I have been helping ICQ with internal support tasks.  One such task involves the templates we will be using in the course of client project work, to standardize our communications.  Many of the templates have a field to populate the document number, and when I clicked on it to check the font properties, a box appeared around the placeholder number, and a tiny “Keyword” appeared in an even smaller grey box above it.   This field is tied to the same document number field in the footer, and when one of those fields is populated, the linked field follows suit.  I was intrigued.  As I studied the templates, I noticed other places where information was repeated, and I thought, “If we used more of these in our documents, the form becomes more user-friendly, AND the potential for inconsistencies is eliminated.”  Once I had administrative buy-in, I dug into the Word tutorials and learned how to implement the fields.  If you’re thinking “How can *I* add this to my document generation skill set?”, follow me!

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ICQ Adds Facebook Chat Users to Its Chat List

Remember ICQ? Back in the late 1990s, it was the chat service that most of us used, with each person identified not by a chosen handle, but by an assigned five-digit number. But after AOL bought the service, a lot of the users went on to other chat clients: AOL’s own AIM, MSN Chat, Skype, Gtalk and many others.

In February, we reported that AIM had added Facebook Chat to its supported services, but ICQ actually quietly beat its partner in crime (AOL owns both) to the punch in some sense, having released ICQ 7 back in January with Facebook support. That included a way to do status updates, although Chat has only gone live today.

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Top 9 of Best Android Apps to Make Free Calls on Your Smartphone

Are you an Android smartphone user who is looking for the best free call app? If yes, this post is specially written for you. With Android free call apps, you can make free calls to almost anywhere at anytime without paying a dime. You can even forget about your limited data plans since free WIFI hotspots are now popping up everywhere plus you’ve still got free WIFI at home and in your office. So today let’s us round up the best free call apps available at Android market.

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Encrypted chats through Adium

I discovered Adium many years ago and loved it instantly. Instead of having MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, iChat and Facebook windows all over the place, it allowed me to combine all of it in one single app. That’s the main reason I used it and could care less about skins, sounds, icons and plugins. This was also long before I became concerned with privacy and security, I didn’t think about the fact that the MSN, Yahoo, Facebook and iChat servers were all located abroad and did not know about governments and agencies spying on us. Now I know better. I’ve spent a long time looking for good ways to secure my communications and never thought to look at the tools I already had. Then I accidentally stumbled onto Adium’s OTR encryption feature and have been using it ever since. OTR stands for Off-the-Record and is a cryptographic protocol that provides strong encryption for instant messaging (IM) conversations. OTR uses a combination of different encryption algorithms, perfect forward secrecy (PFS) and deniable encryption. Sounds good right? It is. And thanks to Adium you have this encryption right at your fingertips. OTR is not limited to Adium, other clients use it too but for OS X I’ve found Adium to be the best (and almost only) available option. There is a lot of material out there that allows you to learn more about OTR and it’s really interesting.

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ICQ messenger.


Have you ever worried about call duration and call rates? ICQ suggest a solution for your tensions through unlimited free calls. ICQ  messenger is a communication  application that offers video chat,voice calls,single and group chat,messages etc at free of cost. You can make use these services of ICQ in your Android,Symbian,Blackberry,IOS,Windows mobile , Windows PC and Mac computers.

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