Facebook M is finally here, and it sounds a lot like Clippy

Remember Clippy? Microsoft’s ill-fated early attempt at a digital assistant? 

Facebook sure does. And, if the recently launched M Suggestions is any indication, the coders at the social media giant look back on the panic-inducing anthropomorphized paperclip with a bizarre degree of fondness. 

Just what is M, you ask?

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Facebook Messenger bots are driving social change around the world

You could say Facebook Messenger was once the social network’s most loathed feature. In 2014, the company forced users to download a separate app if they wanted to send and receive messages on their phones, and as a result, Messenger rose to No. 1 in the App Store—but with a dismal one-star rating.

Fast forward three years, and you still need to download the app (sorry). But Messenger has evolved, updated with shiny new features, a discover tab, advanced functionality, and a streamlined desktop version. And while it isn’t perfect, it has become something none of us expected: an actual force for social good around the globe.

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How to log out from Facebook Messenger in Windows Phone

Facebook is one of the popular social networking websites, which is being used by more than 1.44 billion users in every month. Facebook is popular because it offers cross platform apps and it is completely free to use. You can also download Facebook Messenger to chat with your Facebook friends without logging into the main Facebook website. As Facebook Messenger is available for almost all platforms, you can certainly download and use it in your Windows Phone too.

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Facebook Messenger For PC

Facebook messenger is the newest application launched by Facebook to provide users a better way to send and receive messages on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Unfortunately, there is no such application available for the Windows PC. The Android apps look stunning with quick notification icons with users profile picture. It helps in managing contacts, messages and chats easily. Would you like to enjoy the same feature on your Windows PC? The article shall cover Facebook messenger for PC. Our in-depth easy to understand guide will walk you through the process to download Facebook messenger for PC and how to easily install it on PC like Windows 8, 7 and XP. Are you excited?

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Facebook Messenger (for Android)

While Facebook is known as a venue for racist uncles to share their terrible opinions with the world, it’s also responsible for what might be the most convenient and polished Android messaging client available: Facebook Messenger. This Android app lets you send text messages, make voice and video calls, and send a variety of media and even money. Best of all, just about everyone you know is already signed up. 

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