Messenger Lite for PC on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Messenger Lite for PC is a Facebook messenger app. Generally, the messenger takes lots of space and battery usage of your device. So, to avoid that, Facebook has come up with its exclusive Messenger app called Messenger Lite for Windows. This app sends instant messages of Facebook and you can even chat with your Facebook friends directly from this app. The Messenger Lite app is purely designed specially keeping in mind about space and battery usage of your phone. The space that it uses is less than 10 MB, whereas normal messenger app takes 50 MB of your mobile storage space.

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Facebook Messenger

So what’s the big deal?  Why should I use it?

Some of you might be wondering what the heck is Facebook Messenger, and why you should or should not use it.  This article is here to help you understand it better and why you might want to try it out — and if you feel like this article might help others, feel free to recommend it to your friends up top ;P.  The download links are at the bottom.

Facebook Messenger makes it extremely easy to communicate with your friends on a mobile device.  Think about the other alternatives that you might be currently using: Google Talk, it works well with other people who have Android devices since Talk is installed on every Android device, but you need to find and add buddies.  SMS, bad but works if you have their phone number, unfortunately, it costs money for a SMS plan and not very useful (can’t specify location or group chat).  WhatsApp, decent because it works on any device but you need to convince your friends to install WhatsApp.  BBM/iMessage: Platform-specific, can’t be used by everyone.  The current choices out there have common lacking functionality that Facebook Messenger addresses.

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Facebook is hiding your messages from you

Head over to Facebook right now. How many unread private messages do you have in your Messages folder? You’ll either reply 0, or however many the little number red number at the top says you have. Guess what? Chances are you have many, many more messages waiting for you.

Open up the Messages folder. Yes, if you haven’t already clicked on it, do so now. Now, look over at the left-hand Favorites menu. What’s that under the Messages option? There’s another folder, slightly indented, labeled as Other. Click on it. There you go, now you’re in the hidden folder, called Other Messages.

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Don’t Freak Out About the Facebook Messenger App

You might hate being forced to use Facebook Messenger — but that doesn’t mean the app is invading your privacy or part of some vast conspiracy to track all of your actions.

In the days since Facebook started requiring iPhone and Android users to download the stand-alone Facebook Messenger app to continue chatting with friends and family members, the backlash has been swift.

As Facebook is well aware, its users do not like change (see News Feed, Beacon ads, Timeline, OpenGraph, the Instagram terms of service changes, and every design change in the company’s 10-year history). So it’s not surprising to see Facebook Messenger as the number one app in the App Store (because everyone is being prompted to download it), or that it has a 1-star rating (because everyone is being prompted to download it).

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