How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

There are millions of people switching from Android to iPhone every year. It’s also true of the changes from iPhone to Android. Since Steve Jobs brought to the public with the debut of a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communications device 10 years ago, iPhone has been sparking across the world.

“How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android?”
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Whatsapp latest features everyone must try today

Over the most recent couple of years, WhatsApp has turned into the true method of correspondence for the majority of us? Family, working environment and companions, WhatsApp keeps us “associated” with all. Yet, there are still a few elements that the world’s best informing application needs – highlights that it rivals brag of. Here are 8 highlights missing in WhatsApp that you may discover in its adversaries.

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Top 7 Communications Apps To Use While Traveling

While it is certainly nice to get away, it’s also nice to stay in touch with family and friends along the way. Whether you want to share your stories and pictures of your travels, or simply say “I’m okay,” it’s often necessary to make contact with those you love. And even though it sounds like something that should be rather easy, it can actually be a daunting task to complete.

You can’t necessarily just pick up your phone and call (especially if you are travelling overseas) and some of your “normal” communication methods aren’t available when you’re out of your service area. So, what are you to do to stay in touch?

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WhatsApp Chat History Recovery,Restore WhatsApp Messages from iPhone

How to Restore WhatsApp Messages from iPhone

I deleted some important messages on my WhatsApp and want to recover them from my iPhone 6. How can I undo my mistake. Please help!” Said Mark. It is very common that delete or lose data from iPhone in the course of daily use. As a popular chat software, WhatsApp likewise has a large number of iDvice users, so it’s inevitable that someone may lost or accidentivly deleted theirs WhatsApp chat history or attachment on iPhone, iPad. But many WhatsApp users may questioned, now that we have can use iCloud to back up WhatsApp, why not restore the lost WhatsApp data from iCloud backup? Yes, this question is not wrong! However, iCloud backup feature only available on WhatsApp which version is 2.10.1 and later. What’s more, in order to save space in the backup, WhatsApp videos and some files are excluded from iCloud backup. Therefore, if you lost or deleted some important messages or chat history from WhatsApp, you have to rely on other data recovery software. Fortunately, WhatsApp Chat History Recovery has expectations. In fact, WhatsApp Chat History Recovery is just one of the branches of iOS Data Recovery, with the help of this program, you can not only restore deleted WhatsApp messages, but also WhatsApp message attachments. It enables you to recover WhatsApp messages directly from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, extract WhatsApp messages from iTunes and iCloud backup files. Next, please free download the Windows or Mac version of WhatsApp Chat History Recovery and follow the detailed steps below to get back your lost WhatsApp messages.

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